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Save My Skin Bundle

Serum 3 pack

Cover all bases with this trio of skin saviours.

Our Save my skin bundle includes full size bottles of each serum:

-1x 15ml Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum

-1x 30ml Bd Luminosity Face Serum

-1x 50ml Bf Restore Body Serum

Save $28 by buying the Save my Skin Bundle valued at $268.
You can now harness the power of multiple potent phytonutrients found in our 3 original, effective serums to address a variety of skincare concerns without causing sensitivity, acne, or more painful problems in the process.

At Biologi, we know that having one skin problem or concern doesn’t mean you don’t get others. We understand that skincare problems can be complex, so we’ve designed a cohesive solution and chosen our native botanical extracts based on their broad range of unique benefits to the skin.

See individual product listings for breakdown and benefits of each serum.


Bd - Luminosity Face Serum

Bd is a potent, 100% active, water-soluble serum. Designed to invigorate dull skin, improve complexion and clarify skin prone to oil and breakouts.

Using Australian native Davidson Plum that boasts 4 incredible phyto-nutrients which have a broad range of skin efficacies.

  • Gallic acid has astringent properties and can help to calm and reduce redness
  • Tartaric acid helps improve the appearance of pores and redness, and reduces sunspots
  • Anthocyanin is naturally stimulating helping improve cell turnover, it is also a potent antioxidant
  • Quercetin offers antioxidant protection and strengthens the skin’s barrier


*NB: If a skin is highly sensitive then we recommend you start with the Bf or Bk serum first to help improve the barrier function of the skin. The Bd can then be introduced thereafter. Due to Bd having high potency, it is common to experience skin purging when you first introduce this serum to your regime - click here to read more about why this is one of the best things that can happen to your cells.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I’ve been using the save my skin bundle for a couple of years and love it! I have normal skin and I find it is great. Very rarely do I get blemishes and if I do, they are externally related but clear up quickly with my biologi. I cannot speak more highly of biologi and their range of products.


I'm actually so impressed. I have tried everything from La Prarie to plain old QV and everything in between. I love the philosophy and the simplicity and the products! I really damaged my skin barrier almost 2 years ago with a very bad dermaplaning session - my skin was raw and I developed such terrible sensitivity to everything. I kept trying anything to try and get back the skin I once had. I ended up with dry patches that were so itchy and the only thing that worked was cortisone which I didn't want to use but ultimately had to. I have only been on these products for 3 weeks and I've seen dramatic improvements, my skin is almost back to normal. It's made me rethink my approach to skincare - I'm a sucker for marketing and love trying new products but it's so important to educate yourself.....My skin wasn't really sensitive - it had been badly sensitized - repairing my barrier was critical. I found it hard going from ultra thick creams to the almost watery consistency of the Finger Lime - but they were right - it really has worked where no others have. I've been scared to write this review but I really do think these products have been an amazing help.....I've since bought the cleanser - this is simply beautiful on the skin and I've bought the eye serum too. I'll try the luminosity next......thanks guys xx


Busy Mum’s get on this! The 3 serum regime is all I need now, Bk in the morning before sunscreen, Bd at night and Bf all over my body, my skin has never looked better!


I have struggled acne all my teenage and adult life, have been on countless antibiotics even prescription acne supplements :(( to try and clear it all with little to no luck.

Now, I’m a Clinical Nutritionist and have a far more holistic approach to looking after my skin. I have worked on my gut, balanced hormones but still- no luck with skin! About 2 weeks ago I purchased the 3 pack and honestly, today I woke up and my skin is clear. Totally unbelievable (especially considering that at this time of my cycle my skin would usually be ANGRY).

I’ve also had a recent surgery and using serums on my scar which also seems to be clearing.

I’ll never go back to anything else – just an awesome product. Thanks so much!
Lauren ☺️❤


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