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Featuring our 100% active Bf and Bd serums, this effective regime is cellular skincare at it’s best.

Did you know our Bf serum can be used for almost anything? Bf is super hydrating for your face, body, hair and nails, while being gentle enough for babies too!

Bc is Biologi’s latest, innovative skincare hero & is the world’s first 100% active, single plant-extract cleanser.


Day 1. Cleanse with Bc & follow with your Bf serum, morning and evening.

Day 2. Cleanse with Bc & follow with your Bf serum in the morning. In the evening cleanse with Bc and follow with Bd serum.

Repeat regime ongoing.


If at any time you find the product is too powerful – reduce your usage, but continue to apply as your skin will adjust. Moisturiser is not necessary. Ensure you are exfoliating weekly and using SPF everyday.


For assistance choosing non toxic, ethical and effective additional skincare products, please contact our customer service team.


If you would like a tailored regime, please get in touch with our skin expert team.

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