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Beat the winter skincare blues! How to use the Save my Skin Winter Bundle

Beat the winter skincare blues! How to use the Save my Skin Winter Bundle

Beat the winter skincare blues! How to use the Save my Skin Winter Bundle

The Save my Skin Winter Bundle is your winter skincare saviour.

As each product is jam-packed with nutrients that can nourish cells and combat dehydration and irritation, the revolutionary bundle will help your skin thrive during the cooler months!

If you’re introducing new products into a routine, we understand it can be confusing to know where to start.  Here are our guidelines for using the Save my Skin Winter Bundle.

Bf Hydration Serum

Bf Hydration Serum is our hero product for winter. The extract of finger lime contains a powerful combination of phytonutrients that can lock moisture into cells, heal sensitised skin and hydrate and repair barrier function. Bf Hydration Serum is multiuse and can be applied all over the body, face, hands and even used in the hair!

If you’ve never used Biologi serums, we recommend introducing Bf Hydration Serum gradually to monitor how the skin responds to active ingredients. As a first-time user, apply every other day for the first week and increase as the skin adjusts.

On the body: After showering and when completely dry, apply one pump to each area of the body.

On the face: Remove makeup and cleanse thoroughly. Wait a minimum of five minutes for the skin to completely dry and apply Bf Hydration Serum all over the face. The serum is completely safe to use every day, twice a day or as often as the skin needs.

On the hands: Apply to dry, chapped hands as required. Ensure hands are completely dry and wait at least five minutes for any product to absorb before applying.

Br Organic Rosehip Oil

Br Organic Rosehip Oil is rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids which promote the skin’s internal hydration processes making it the perfect pairing for Bf Hydration Serum during the colder months.

After applying Bf Hydration Serum, wait a minimum of five minutes to allow the serum to penetrate into the cells then apply Br Oil over the top of any dry patches for optimal hydration.

Massage the serum with your fingers or use with a Gua Shah or roller as often as needed.

Bl Nourish Lip Serum

Bl Nourish Lip Serum is our winter essential that we don’t leave home without! The skin on the lips consists of fewer layers than the rest of the face which is why the lips are more susceptible to dryness, cracking or stinging caused by the wind and cold.

Bl Nourish is truly unique. Rather than sit on top of the lips like other glosses and balms, instead, the active ingredients penetrate into the skin to condition cells deep within.

Apply Bl Nourish before bed as a deep overnight conditioning treatment, or apply throughout the day to lips that are dry or cracked as and when required.

Recommended winter skin routine:

It’s important to note that while there are guidelines to follow, as a fully active product free from harsh synthetics, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use our products. It’s impossible to overuse or use incorrectly and we recommend you rely on your skin to tell you which products it loves!

Here’s our typical Winter Skin Bundle PM routine:

  • Remove makeup
  • Cleanse
  • Apply Bf Hydration Serum
  • Wait five minutes for the active ingredients to penetrate
  • Apply Br Organic Rosehip Oil either with the fingers or with a Gua Sha or roller
  • Apply Bl Nourish Lip Serum as the last thing you do before bed.

Our customer service team is always available to answer your questions about your skin concerns or our products. You can contact our team of experts here today.

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