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Seven skincare tips for the time-poor

Seven skincare tips for the time-poor

Seven skincare tips for the time-poor

Seven skincare tips for the time-poor

There’s no denying that an effective skincare routine takes precious time out of your day.

While you’re busy with work, family, social life and everything else life has a habit of throwing your way; cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and treating skin can often feel very low down on the list of priorities.

But a busy day doesn’t mean you can’t still have a skincare routine that defies the signs of ageing, hydrates skin and beats the blemishes.

Here are seven time-saving skincare tips that even the busiest of people can make time for.

1)Face halo

Time spent: Approx. 10 seconds

While our first choice is to thoroughly double cleanse at the end of each day, we understand that it can be time-consuming to wash, rinse and repeat. If you’re rushing for time at the end of the day, rather than skip cleansing altogether, use a face halo to remove the dirt and makeup that blocks pores.

Simply rinse the pad in water, and wipe all over your skin to thoroughly remove makeup and grime. Of course, if you’ve got the time then follow with a treatment cleanser too, but if not, you’ve at least removed the top layer of dirt and grime to help keep pores clear.


2) Drink water

Time spent: Approx. 0 seconds

Replace all your drinks with H20 to hydrate skin without adding a single second into your skincare routine.

You’re drinking anyway, so the time it takes you to drink water instead of coffee, tea or juice is minimal. Thoroughly hydrating with water on a daily basis will help clear toxins from the body and hydrate cells from the inside out so skin appears healthy and glowing.

Drinking too much coffee, alcohol or too many sugary drinks can dehydrate skin cells leading to a dry, dull appearance and potentially damaging the skin’s natural barrier function causing red and irritated sensitised skin.


3) Add Biologi serum to your skincare routine

Time saved: Approx. 10 minutes a day

Whichever serum you use to address your skincare concerns, Biologi replaces the need for moisturiser, night cream, eye cream and face masks. As a multi-use single plant ingredient natural serum, Biologi is a skincare product that no time-poor woman should be without.

Follow cleansing with one to two pumps of your favourite serum all over your face, and you’re done!


4) Use sunscreen

Time spent: Approx. 10 seconds

The sun is one of the biggest offenders of skin damage accelerating the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, yet is the fastest to avoid.

Apply sunscreen at the start of every day to protect delicate skin cells against the harsh effects of damaging UV rays. Make sure you swap out ‘moisturiser containing sunscreen’ and ‘makeup containing sunscreen’ as these rarely offer the full protection your face needs.


5) Lose the foundation

Time spent: 0 seconds

We understand that wearing foundation is often less about makeup and more about increasing confidence, however, choosing the wrong foundation can potentially lead to big problems for your skin including blocked pores and breakouts.

Consider going bare-skinned instead or look at replacing foundation with an organic mineral powder which won’t clog pores and will reduce the likelihood of breakouts.


6) Skip exfoliation

Time spent: 0 seconds

Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells and debris from pores to reduce dry patches and breakouts.

You can’t remove exfoliation from your skincare routine permanently but, if it’s an exfoliation day and you’re running short on time, follow cleansing with an application of Bd serum instead.

Potent in tartaric acid, the pure Davidson plum extract of Bd serum works as an enzyme exfoliator to break down the protein bond that stops your dead skin cells from clearing naturally.

Enzyme exfoliation is a gentle way to remove dead skin cells to create a bright and clear complexion and is a great alternative if you’re running short on time.


7) Keep a bottle of BF serum on your bedside table

Time spent: 0 seconds

Keep a bottle of Bf serum on your bedside table and as you get in bed apply to your problem areas such as your décolletage, arms, elbows, feet, and lips. Having the serum conveniently placed makes it easy to apply once you’re already in bed, so it doesn’t take a single second of your day.

Made from pure extract of finger lime, Bf serum contains the powerful phytonutrient ferulic acid which retains the body’s natural moisture within the cutaneous layers of the skin to help hydrate skin while you sleep.

Biologi is designed with the time poor in mind.

Every serum in the range contains 100% active natural phytonutrients that will treat and prevent a variety of skin concerns including dry and sensitised skin, early signs of ageing, breakouts and more.

Click here to shop Biologi today.

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