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Skincare is a minefield for consumers.

With each retailer shouting louder than the last about why you should use their products, it can be hard to make informed choices about what’s best for the care of your skin.

At Biologi, we practice what we preach!

We understand what skin needs to be healthy, so we only use products that promote healthy cells and are formulated with quality ingredients.

There is a world of difference between quality products that nourish and protect, and those which sit at the other end of the skincare spectrum.

While we don’t ever name and shame brands, you all know the products we love, but what about those we don’t?

Here are seven things we’d never put on our skin, and the shocking reasons why.


1) Micellar water

Micellar water is touted as a clean and natural product to remove makeup and clear complexion. What the label doesn’t tell you is that one of the main ingredients in micellar water is glycols. If you’ve never heard of glycols before, you can also find them on the ingredients list for anti-freeze.

Yes, anti-freeze.

Powered by ingredients that keep a car engine running smoothly in winter. Micellar water on delicate skin cells? No thank you!

The alternative: We remove our makeup with nothing more than water with a microfiber cloth.

Our favourite brands are Sante by Enjo or Face Halo, but there is a wide range of toxin-free makeup removers that don’t expose your system to industrial-grade ingredients.


2) Petrolatum products

Small pots of petrolatum-based products are staples in most handbags as an instant go-to for chapped lips and flaky patches. And we couldn’t be more horrified that consumers are still applying this toxic concoction of synthetic ingredients to their skin!

Fortunately, the known carcinogenic components of petroleum are removed from the consumer product through the refining process (insert scary face emoji here!). However, there’s no denying that petroleum-based products suffocate pores which can lead to occlusion, breakouts and acne.

The alternative: Carry Bf mini in your handbag to hydrate dry lips and flaky patches on the go.


3) Moisturiser

It doesn’t matter whether it’s eye cream, night cream, body lotion, an anti-ageing formula or some other wonderful concoction, we never put moisturiser on our skin.  Moisturiser is filled with occlusive ingredients which block pores and load the delicate dermal layer with toxins that cause sensitisation.

The alternative: Each serum in the Biologi range is 100% active with powerful phytonutrients targets a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Hydration
  • Balance complexion
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Sensitisation
  • Antioxidant protection

Once you use Biologi serum, there is no need for any moisturiser ever.



4) Fake tan

Of course, there are going to be times when a faux bronze will be necessary, but those of you in the habit of fake tanning on the regular should consider thinking again.

Fake tan contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a synthetic ingredient created in a chemical reaction by the oxidation of glycerol with hydrogen peroxide and a metal salt as a catalyst. Not only is this completely synthetic, but links between DHA used in sunless tanning products and DNA damage have never been ruled out.

We understand that there are times when fake tanning is necessary, but consider whether you really need it before applying.

The alternative: Ten minutes of sun a day (without burning) will increase natural glow  with the added benefit of boosting vitamin D consumption too.


5) Barrier creams

Barrier creams traditionally used to treat nappy rash, and other skin irritants are a ‘no way Jose’ for us!

While barrier creams may prevent toxins from penetrating a baby’s delicate skin cells, they can also stop toxins getting out. Not only that, the skin needs to breathe like any other organ, and barrier creams block pores, which can cause inflammation and irritation.

The alternative: Bf serum works wonders on baby’s skin. As a serum, it penetrates deeply, and the active ingredients work with the skin’s natural hydrating processes rather than stopping them altogether.


6) Peptides

While synthetic peptides can theoretically provide anti-ageing benefits, this comes at the cost of your skin cells, which are then exposed to toxins required to make the product work.

Further, the skin’s primary function is to protect the body and keep toxins out. While peptides may be sold as an ingredient that is good for the skin, your natural barrier function can’t define the difference between peptides and pollutants, so it works to stop the entry from the perceived toxin in the exact same way.

The alternative: Peptides are traditionally added to synthetic vitamin C-based anti-ageing skincare as a way to promote the growth of collagen.

Plant-based vitamin C (different to synthetic vitamin C often labelled as ascorbic acid) naturally stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and cover dark circles under the eyes.

Apply Bk, Bqk or Bf serum as a form of fully active and stable plant-based vitamin C.


7) Parabens

Parabens are a form of preservative that have now been banned in skincare in Australia, so you’re unlikely to see them in your products. Unfortunately, any product labelled ‘paraben-free’ is likely to contain preservatives such as benzyl alcohol and phenyl ethyl alcohol, which can cause irritation and toxicity.

The alternative: Don’t focus on a label that tells you what isn’t included, such as ‘no parabens’ and learn what the ingredients that are included mean.

We understand it can seem impossible to do the right thing by your skin, but we’re here to help you.

To ask us a question about your existing skincare routine, contact our customer service team who can give you personalised advice regarding your products, skin concerns, and how to use Biologi.


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