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Simplify your skincare – everyday products your skin doesn’t need

Simplify your skincare – everyday products your skin doesn’t need

Simplify your skincare – everyday products your skin doesn’t need

Simplify your skincare – everyday products your skin doesn’t need

It’s no secret that at Biologi, we LOVE simple!

Each product in our range of serums is made from one single plant ingredient containing a powerful array of active nutrients to achieve multiple results for your skin.

No need to choose between hydration, anti-ageing or sensitive skin with Biologi, select your serum and one product will do it all.

Less is more

While we know less is more, we also know that most of you will have a stash of skincare products in your bathroom cabinet which, not only do you not need, can actually be detrimental to your skin.

Too much, or improper use can irritate sensitised skin and can even cancel out potent actives when used in conjunction with one another.

How many of these products can you throw away today?


Moisturiser: Day cream, night cream AND eye cream

OK, somewhat controversial here, but stick with us as we tell you why all your moisturisers can be made redundant, effective immediately.

One word: Marketing.

Day cream, night cream and eye cream are essential products because marketers tell us we need them.

“Eyes need special (and often more expensive) cream because the skin is more delicate than the rest of your body”.

“Night cream is more intense, so it can hydrate cells while you sleep”.

“Day cream contains sunscreen, so it protects your face”.

Sound familiar?

Well, let’s share a little secret.

Skin cells are skin cells, and regardless of where they are on the body or what time of day it is, it’s your holistic skincare regime combined with the active ingredients you use on your skin that makes the difference. NOT the type of moisturiser you use.

What should I do instead?

One bottle of multi-use serum with active ingredients to treat your skin concerns can replace ALL your moisturisers as long as the rest of your skincare routine is sufficient.

Instead of night cream, thoroughly double cleanse before bed to clear your pores so hydrating serums can penetrate deeper and do their job correctly. No need for thick, heavy occlusive moisturisers which do little more than clog up pores while you sleep.

Instead of day cream, use sunscreen. You don’t need the thick emulsifiers in moisturisers to protect you from the sun; you just need sunscreen.

Instead of eye cream, use active serums to treat the delicate eye area precisely as you would the rest of your face. Bk serum is Biologi’s eye serum of choice purely because it’s rich in plant-based vitamin C which is a potent anti-ageing active. Bk serum can treat the rest of the face in the same way – no need to double up on products that do the same thing.


Face masks

We all love to pamper ourselves with a quiet night in and relax with a pretty smelling face mask that tightens pores and cleanses skin.

But throw them in the bin because you know what’s not relaxed by the time you finish?

Your skin cells.

You might think your skin feels smooth and supple post-mask, but the truth is you’ve spent the last 30 minutes penetrating your skin with a concoction of irritating fragrance and toxic ingredients.

We can say with confidence that your face mask isn’t natural. Even if it does claim to be ‘naturally-derived’, the texture of the mask can’t be created purely from a plant, so it has to contain synthetic emulsifiers and known irritants to stay on your face!

Check your ingredients list and then decide if the relaxation is worth it (hint: it’s not!).

What should I do instead?

Using a daily hydration serum that addresses your skin type and regular exfoliation will do everything a face mask claims to do. If you need a mask to feel like you’re relaxing, make a scrub from natural ingredients and avoid the breakout and clogged pores that face masks bring.

Daily use of the right combination of products can eliminate face masks from your routine, and your skin will thank you for it.



Toner is one of those products that many people have in their bathroom cabinet purely because that’s what we’ve been taught to do.

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Repeat.

Unless you have exceptionally oily or acne-prone skin, toner is a redundant product doing little more than drying out delicate skin cells with harsh alcohol.

The alcohol-based product is marketed on the understanding that it may remove any dirt that cleansing misses, but it’s a harsh product that for many does little more than dry skin further and cause sensitivity.

Your face doesn’t feel fresh and tight after toning because it’s cleaner, it does so because the alcohol has dried out your pores. The next step is to put moisturiser on to re-hydrate, now how does that make sense?!

What should I do instead?

A good cleanser will remove makeup and every last trace of grime. Unless your skin is oily and needs a product to dry out excess sebum, you don’t need toner.


Makeup remover

If your cleanser is doing its job, makeup remover can gooooo.

Your cleanser should be strong enough to remove eye makeup yet gentle enough that you can use it on your eyes. If your label tells you to avoid the delicate eye area, you need to ask what the ingredients are doing to the rest of your face.

What should I do instead?

There’s no denying that makeup remover works and it’s certainly better than leaving makeup on, but it’s not necessary if your cleanser is effective.


Budget products

If the price of a skincare product seems too good to be true – it is.

We know how much quality, natural ingredients cost and can guarantee that no manufacturer will take a loss on the next miracle product. If the claims on your label are to be believed, yet your wallet doesn’t feel any lighter, your product has been filled with cheap harsh chemicals and activating ingredients to help it do its job.

This is unlikely to do your skin any favours.

If you’re ever in any doubt about whether or not to buy a budget skincare product, have a look at the ingredients listed. You can compare it with our list of ingredients to avoid HERE.

What should I do instead?

Learn about the ingredients you’re using and be prepared to pay a little bit more for a product that lasts longer and is kinder to your skin, today and into the future.


Essential skincare products:

Now we’ve told you what you don’t need, here’s our (extremely short) list of essential skincare products that you DO need:

  • Cleanser – three times a day (once in the morning and double cleanse at night)
  • Biologi serum of choice (once in the morning and once at night post-cleanse)
  • Sunscreen (after Biologi in the morning)
  • Exfoliator (two to three times a week at night before Biologi)
  • Two to three litres of water a day (hydrate skin cells from the inside out, your skin is an organ and needs to be cared for as such).

To find out how to address your specific skincare concerns, contact us today.

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