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Six reasons Bc Refresh Cleanser is unlike anything your skin has seen before

Six reasons Bc Refresh Cleanser is unlike anything your skin has seen before

Six reasons Bc Refresh Cleanser is unlike anything your skin has seen before

Six reasons Bc Refresh Cleanser is unlike anything your skin has seen before

Bc Refresh Cleanser is the latest fully active skincare product to join the revolutionary Biologi range.

Harnessing the untouched power of soapberry extract, Biologi has achieved what was previously thought impossible and created a cleanser free from synthetic surfactants and foaming agents.

It’s easy for us to say that the newly released Bc Refresh cleanser is the highest performing cleanser to hit the shelves and leave it there. But we want to help you understand WHY Bc Refresh cleanser is different to every other cleanser on the market. Read on to find out more.

1)It doesn’t dry out the skin

Traditional cleansers rely on synthetic surfactants to create the foam that cleans the skin. While these can do a good job of removing dirt and impurities, the tight feeling after cleansing doesn’t mean your pores are super clean as we’ve been led to believe. What this actually means is that the skin’s natural oils have also been stripped away along with the surface dirt. That tight feeling is dehydration, and it tells us the skin is unhappy.

How Bc Refresh is different: Soapberry contains saponins (triterpene glycoside), a natural foaming agent that cleans the skin without drying it out. These natural actives were created inside the plant in a water-soluble environment and do not look for water to absorb so no dehydration occurs.

2) It’s undiluted and 100% active

If you look at the ingredients on a cleanser, you’ll often notice that water (aqua) is the first listed ingredient. While water can make a product stretch further and therefore reduce the cost for the consumer, it also dilutes any natural activity contained within the product meaning that any results are purely synthetic.

Cosmeceutical cleansers available from skin clinics and specialised facilities are our preferred choice over mainstream cleansers but the goodness is still diluted with water.

How Bc Refresh is different: Bc cleanser is free from water, aqua, or any other ingredient that can dilute the actives. Your skin receives all the benefits of every single drop of plant extract, so results are faster and longer lasting.

3) It’s 100% water soluble

Cleansers are traditionally applied onto the skin’s surface and washed away taking grime and dirt with the foam or cream. While they may be highly effective at removing surface dirt, the results from traditional cleansers are only skin deep and go no further.

How Bc Refresh is different: Bc Refresh is a water-soluble product which means the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin during use. Not only does the product clean the skin, but the active ingredients also hydrate, build antioxidant protection and help to repair cells deep within the dermal layers offering results far more than simple cleansing.

4) It’s fragrance-free

Fragrance is one of the most common allergens in products around the world and one of the worst irritants for the skin. While fragrance must be listed as an ingredient on products, the ingredients that make up the fragrance do not. It is these ingredients that can add to the toxic load in the dermal layers causing irritation, sensitivity and redness.

How Bc Refresh is different: While Bc Refresh may have a slight aroma, this is purely natural and smells exactly like soapberry does in its natural source. There is no added fragrance which can potentially irritate leading to chronic skin conditions.

5) It builds antioxidant protection

With most other cleansers working on a wash-on-wash-off basis, there’s no chance to nourish cells and protect against the free radical damage that causes dehydration and leads to the visible signs of ageing.

How Bc Refresh is different: The combination of amines, phenolic acids and amino acids is a powerhouse of antioxidants that work on a cellular level to improve redness in the skin and build antioxidant protection to counter free radical damage.

6) It’s suitable for all skin types

When choosing traditional cleansers, you’ll notice they’re usually marketed towards a certain skin type such as dry, combination, oily or sensitised. But not all cells were created equal. Cleansers for oily skin types tend to contain more alcohol which can have a drying effect and cause unnecessary damage to those cells which aren’t excessively oily.

How Bc Refresh is different: Bc Refresh is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins. Because the cleanser contains fully active ingredients, each phyto nutrient works to simultaneously hydrate, nourish and protect every cell without the use of synthetics. Bc is naturally beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Bc Refresh cleanser is a revolutionary addition to the skincare market. To find out more about Bc Refresh, contact Biologi today.

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