A bottle of Bf serum is one of our handbag essentials.

More than just a hydrating body serum, Bf nourishes and protects skin, can be used on-the-go and with so many uses, it’s the one product we don’t leave home without.

What is it?

Bf serum is single-plant ingredient extract of finger lime.

The native fruit is rich in plant-based vitamin C (which is not the same as synthetic ascorbic acid), tryptophan and ferulic acid. As a 100% active serum, the phytonutrients hydrate the skin, reduce the signs of ageing and build the skin’s protective barrier to repair sensitised skin.

In short, Bf serum is a nutritional powerhouse for your skin, and we can’t get enough!

While Bf serum was primarily designed as a body serum, here are six other ways you can use Bf serum that you might not have thought of

1)Put it on your face

Bf serum is free from irritating fragrances, synthetic activating agents and occlusive emulsifiers. Unlike regular body moisturisers, Bf is gentle enough to use on your face too.

Tryptophan is an alpha amino acid that helps repair cells so if your skin is sensitised, incorporating Bf serum into your skincare routine could actually help reduce the signs of sensitivity such as stinging, redness and dry patches.

If you experience sensitised skin, contact our skincare experts who can offer personalised advice.

2) Use it as a lip balm

Never before have you been able to use a body moisturiser on an area so close to your mouth! Bf serum is entirely safe to ingest. Further, the synergy of natural nutrients such as ferulic acid and natural vitamin C hydrate and protect cracked lips. But the best bit…it tastes good too.

3) Put it in your hair

Hanging out at the beach for the day? Comb Bf serum through the ends of your hair and the tryptophan and ferulic acid will hydrate and protect against the harsh UV rays.

4) Put it on your eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition which can result in cracked, painful and dry skin. Bf serum is a natural source of tryptophan and vitamin C which work together to potentially heal the skin’s barrier, reduce inflammation and reduce the symptoms of the painful skin conditions.

5) Brighten up the eye area

Bk serum is our first choice for an eye serum, however, Bf serum also works wonders on the delicate eye area. The natural vitamin C content stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines, brighten dark circles and make your eyes sparkle!

6) Put it under sunscreen

While sunscreen must be applied daily, there isn’t a sunscreen that can fully protect against the harmful UVA rays found in free radicals caused by the sun. Free radical damage occurs on a deeper, cellular level which doesn’t show until it’s too late. Pair Bf serum with your favourite sunscreen and the vitamin C and tryptophan provide antioxidant protection to keep cellular damage at bay.

Bf serum is a 100% active single-plant ingredient multiuse serum that gets results, click here to shop today.

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