Skin fasting is a beauty industry concept designed to strip back skincare routines to the bare minimum.

The overall goal of skin fasting is to go makeup and product free for a specified length of time. The theory states that reducing reliance on synthetics which your skin may not really need will help restore natural processes, balance PH levels and strengthen the natural protective barrier.

For those of us who have relied on lotions and potions to achieve flawless skin for most of our adult life, skin fasting is a scary concept!

But, believing that less is more in skincare, it’s one that, to a lesser extreme, we can definitely get on board with.

While skin fasting must be researched thoroughly to avoid elimination of products your skin needs (sunscreen being top of our list!), reducing the overall toxic load on your skin on an ongoing basis is something we highly recommend.

If you’re considering a detox for your skin, we recommend you start small and introduce new, ongoing habits gradually.

Here are our top tips to take steps towards skin fasting and reduce the toxic load on your skin:


Use microfiber cloths to remove makeup

We recommend double cleansing at the end of every day to remove impurities and clear pores, but this can lead to a build-up of products on your skin and can impact the skin’s natural microbiome often lost through over-cleansing.

Completely remove a step and swap out the first cleanse with a microfiber cloth such as Face Halo or Sante by Enjo.

The chemical-free makeup removal works with nothing more than water to leave skin fresh and clean without adding a single synthetic ingredient to your skin.

You can then choose a cleanser that works with your skin type and addresses specific concerns. You can read more about choosing a cleanser, here.

There’s no such thing as a completely natural cleanser (if in doubt, have you ever seen a plant foam?!), so removing makeup and grime naturally will help reduce the toxins absorbed in the skin.


Multiuse serums

Clever marketing campaigns have convinced consumers that their product cabinets need to be busting at the seams to be effective.

Not so.

Swap anti-ageing creams, night cream, day cream, eye cream, face masks, extra hydration (and this list goes ON!) for multiuse serums instead.

Layering synthetic products may feel like a good idea at the time, but it rarely gives any benefits to the skin. Instead, pores become blocked with occlusive ingredients, natural hydrating processes slow down or stop altogether, and an overload of synthetic ingredients can lead to sensitised skin that’s red, itchy and painful.

Find one product that can treat multiple skin concerns and throw everything else away! Using a powerful combination of 100% active ingredients, the natural nutrients in Biologi serums work in synergy to target specific concerns such as dehydration, ageing, pigmentation and lack of clarity.


Use products with high activity

Active ingredients are natural ingredients that change the skin on a cellular level. The higher the activity, the less synthetic activators required to get a result.

Choose products with 100% activity to achieve a healthy complexion without the need to put toxins in your skin. Be aware that layering natural actives may reduce the efficacy or cause a negative reaction in your skin, so understand the science before choosing your products.


Don’t buy marketing claims

Consumers have been conditioned to choose products that are ‘naturally-derived’ or ‘organic’, and it can be hard to see past what the next wonder treatment to hit the shelves can do to your skin.

Learn to look past the marketing taglines and understand what the ingredients really mean. Once you know that ‘no parabens’ often means ‘a concoction of other harmful synthetics to get the same result’ you’ll have the knowledge to reduce your toxic load one product application at a time.


Go makeup free

Try going makeup free as often as possible. For some, this may mean all the time apart from special events. For others, this may only extend to the times you’re lounging around the house with no plans. Apply Biologi and leave your skin clear for as long as possible to reduce the toxins absorbed by your skin.

You can start by taking your makeup off as soon as you walk in from work or put it on later after you wake up. The more time you can spend makeup free, the more you’ll reduce your overall toxic load, even if that starts with just an hour a day.

The reality is that there’s no such thing as a toxin-free skincare routine. It’s impossible to create makeup, fake tan and cleansers without the use of synthetics, emulsifiers and ingredients that cause occlusion, but knowledge is power.

Reducing the toxic load to achieve long-term benefits to your skin is a step by step process that begins with understanding everything that’s in your products, including the natural benefits.

To receive free, personalised advice on skin fasting and reducing your toxic load, contact our customer service team today.



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