The sky can be the limit for skincare budgets.

From moisturisers for every skin type to a lip balm for every day of the week. No matter how stocked your cosmetic cabinet, a consumer will always find something else their skin needs.

Good news for retailers, not such good news for those on a budget!

When it’s time to reign in the skincare spend, it may seem obvious to buy products at the cheaper end of the scale to see you through.

But the solution to skincare on a budget isn’t to buy cheaper products.

We know exactly how much natural extracts cost, so if your product dollars are only just getting into double digits, your skin simply can’t be getting the benefit of quality active ingredients. In fact, it’s likely that if you spend too little on skincare, all you’re doing is loading your skin with toxins and causing sensitivity.

Here are our tips for the cheapest skincare routine you’ve ever known. And the best part; there are no short-term, magic fixes here, these tips are sustainable long into the future.


Drink water

Cost $0.00

The skin is the body’s largest organ and needs internal hydration just like your brain, heart and liver. Water hydrates cells naturally to leave skin soft, supple and dewy. As a ‘non-essential’ organ, the skin is the last place water in the body is distributed so aim for two to three litres a day to give your products a hydrating helping hand.


Use microfiber pads to remove makeup

Cost $10

Microfiber pads and a splash of tap water are our go-to for makeup remover. There are many brands on the shelves, some starting at just $10 for three pads. When cared for properly, the pads last for up to 200 cycles, so in a pack of three, that’s nearly two years of makeup removing for just $10!


Use multiuse products

Cost $72

Bf serum is a multiuse serum created from single-plant extract of finger lime. The serum is bottled using our revolutionary extraction system so powerful phytonutrients are extracted in their pure state to deliver unaltered plant goodness to skin cells. Bf serum is multiuse (as are all serums in the Biologi range) and provides multiple benefits including hydration, anti-ageing, antioxidant protection and reducing damage caused by over-exposure to the sun.

Bf serum can be used daily all over the body and face, as a lip balm, and even on your hair slashing your skincare budget significantly. No more moisturisers, face masks, day cream, night cream, eye cream, lip balms or hair serum taking their toll on your wallet…just one product does it all.


Use active ingredients

Cost $53

The reality is that the natural extract of most retail skincare products sits at around 2% activity. So what you’re actually paying for is 98% of synthetic ingredients added to the extracts to make the product work, smell nice, and stretch further. If aqua is at the top of the ingredients list, you’re mainly paying for a costly pot of chemical-laden water.

All Biologi serums are 100% active, which means that every last drop alters skin on a cellular level for long-lasting results. When you choose single-plant ingredient extracts like Bd serum (Davidson plum), you don’t need anything else on your skin. Jam-packed with active nutrients such as gallic acid, tartaric acid, anthocyanin and quercetin, just one product can hydrate, reduce inflammation, balance complexion and protect against antioxidants…without you paying for unnecessary formulation ingredients.


Get educated – don’t buy marketing messages

Cost $0

Marketers know how to hit consumers exactly where it hurts…in their wallet!

With promises of naturally derived (myth), organic (myth) one-pot-wonders, to save money, it’s really important consumers learn exactly what the ingredients in their products are.

The skincare industry is scarily unregulated and making informed decisions will stop you splashing out as soon as the next miracle ingredient hits the shelves. Learning what healthy skin really needs will instantly save you money on products that are nothing more than concoctions of synthetic ingredients likely to cause sensitisation.

When you simplify your skincare routine to what your skin cells truly need, you will instantly feel the benefit in your wallet.

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