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Skincare on a budget: How to spend less without your skin paying the price

Skincare on a budget: How to spend less without your skin paying the price

Skincare on a budget: How to spend less without your skin paying the price

As the clock turns midnight on every New Year, consumers traditionally see the fresh page of the calendar as the perfect time to focus on their finances. With skincare often considered a luxury expense, attention to a budget can often mean bad news for the cells.

At Biologi, we know that clean cosmeceutical products which rely on extracts in their purest and most active form are the key to skincare success. Here is our expert advice on how to save money on skincare without your skin paying the price!

Drink more water

There really is no denying the difference drinking enough water can make to the skin. As the body’s largest organ, the skin relies on hydration to perform optimally, just like the vital organs.

Because the brain considers the skin as ‘non-essential’, it distributes water to the cells only after the vital organs are hydrated. This means that the more you drink, the more hydrated and dewier the skin appears naturally.

Swap out caffeine and sugary drinks for pure H20 as a cost-effective way to improve the clarity and function of the skin.

Remove makeup with microfibre cloths

Did you know that all you need to remove makeup and surface dirt from the skin at the end of each day is a pack of reusable microfibre cloths?

Replace expensive makeup removers and wipes (bad for both the skin and the environment) with reusable microfibre cloths which trap tiny particles in the fibres and draw them safely and hygienically away from the skin’s surface.

While we recommend pairing the reusable cloths with Bc Refresh Cleanser for a superior cleanse of the skin’s surface, microfibre cloths are activated by water alone and fully reusable when placed in a wash bag.

Use multiuse products

Multiuse products rely on bioactive ingredients to target several skin concerns with one application. Because all Biologi serums are natural plant nutrients in their purest form, each bottle of serum can be used to address many concerns meaning you can use just one product.

For example, Bf Restore Face & Body Serum provides multiple benefits to the skin including hydration, antioxidant protection and anti-ageing. Bd Luminosity Serum is recommended to reduce redness but also works as a gentle enzyme exfoliant to keep skin cells clear and reduce blockages. Bk Rejuvenation Serum can be used as an eye serum but also provides antioxidant protection and hydration to the whole face.

Rather than purchasing a different product to target separate skin concerns, consider multiuse products which save money while also saving space in the bathroom cabinet!

Apply active ingredients

Most skincare products sit at around 2% activity. When you study the ingredients list, you’ll generally find any active ingredients are at the bottom of the list. If water (aqua) is top of the ingredients list, you can be confident that any activity is diluted, and results are purely achieved from the synthetic ingredients listed.

Biologi serums are 100% active meaning there’s potent power in every last drop. When you choose 100% activity, you’re not paying the cost for expensive formulation ingredients that wok synthetically, you’re paying for maximum absorption of phytonutrients without the toxic load on the skin.

Understand what’s in your products

Clever marketing campaigns are designed to encourage consumers to spend more regardless of their budget.

At Biologi, we can’t stress enough our desire for all consumers to educate themselves on what the skin needs to thrive. Once you learn how to nourish and protect skin cells so they function at their best, you’ll also start to question marketing campaigns that encourage the purchase of products such as face masks and eye masks that aren’t really necessary.

Consider a skin fast

Skin fasting involves removing all skin products to help the skin restore its natural cellular functions. We consider a skin fast the same as putting your cells on a diet! Remove anything not considered essential such as face masks, moisturisers and yes, even makeup!

While skin fasting might save you money in the short term while you go product free, in the long term it could also highlight your attention to the products you don’t really need therefore saving you money on an ongoing basis.

Biologi takes a less is more approach to skincare and only promotes the use of products that skin cells truly need. To find out more about our commitment to education, contact our customer experience team today.

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