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Skincare trends for 2021

Skincare trends for 2021

Skincare trends for 2021

Skincare trends for 2021

As we look back over 2020, we know with absolute certainty that skincare is evolving.

The way consumers treat their skin, the products they’re using and the knowledge that we now have access to is contributing to a skincare revolution!

But with the science of skincare ever evolving, many trends are emerging that will further revolutionise the way consumers view skincare.

With innovation at our core, Biologi is leading the way in skincare trends for 2021. Here are some to watch out for as we approach the New Year.

The rise of Clean Cosmeceuticals

Clean Cosmeceuticals sit in a new skincare category all of their own which consumers will become even more aware of in 2021.

Clean Cosmeceuticals are products mindfully manufactured and free from synthetic ingredients that can damage skin and harm health.

Using the power of highly performing plant actives, Clean Cosmeceuticals achieve results on a cellular level to have a deeper, more positive impact on the skin.

With our pioneering range of undiluted, fully active products, Biologi is proud to lead the way in Clean Cosmeceuticals into 2021 and beyond.

Intuitive beauty will increase in popularity

The skin is as unique as a fingerprint with no two skin types the same. With cells each following a 28-day life cycle, you may even find your skin is different from one day to the next. Throw internal factors such as hormones, nutrition, alcohol and pollution into the mix and skin can vary from day-to-day and even between morning and night.

The skin only needs one thing to thrive, and that’s active ingredients. But these specific ingredients needed can change from person to person and day to day.

The full range of Biologi serums contains active ingredients specifically chosen to address individual skin concerns so that consumers can choose their serum based on the skincare needs for that day.

If you notice a particularly dry complexion, hydrate cells with Bf Restore Face and Body serum. If you’re prone to breakouts or redness, Bd Luminosity Serum may be your product of choice.

The concept of intuitive beauty allows consumers to treat the skin functionality on a cellular level rather than applying a combination of toxic ingredients that can damage cells and cause sensitivity. Intuitive beauty means you’re always meeting the needs of the skin with a product that responds to the individual concern.

Skin fasting and skin detox will become more popular

Skin fasting isn’t a new concept for 2021 but it’s certainly one that will continue to gather momentum into the New Year. Skin fasting adopts a less is more approach to skincare and involves removing any unnecessary toxins found in makeup, moisturisers and face masks.

Once all toxins have been stripped back, the skin is able to restore natural processes and heal, repair and nourish itself rather than relying on synthetics to give a glowing complexion.

The full range of Biologi products is fully active and free from all toxins that can potentially harm the skin. The range is multiuse meaning one application of serum provides a whole host of benefits for the skin without the need for a bathroom cabinet full of synthetic products.

Depending on your serum of choice, the active ingredients target a whole range of skin concerns including reducing redness, hydrating, repairing pigmentation and delaying the visible signs of ageing.

The rise of super beauty ingredients

Super beauty follows the super food phenomenon. Just like super food feeds the gut with what it needs for optimal health, super beauty ingredients are chosen because of the effects they have on the cellular function of the skin.

The focus of super beauty is on the active ingredients and what they can do for cells rather than the packaging and current marketing taglines.

Super beauty takes out everything the skin doesn’t need and instead focuses solely on the active ingredients the skin needs.

The rise of ‘skinfluencers’

‘Skinfluencers’ are a wave of influencers who focus solely on skincare. Genuine skinfluencers don’t just promote products, they tell their skincare story and detail their own personal skincare journey helping to educate consumers by sharing their daily rituals and routines.

In 2021, the credibility of ‘skinfluencers’ will rise to give consumers more education and better access to the products that will change their skin on a cellular level.

The fight for facts

With so much information at our fingertips, consumers are more eager than ever to learn the skincare facts. While our skincare routines have largely been a habit in recent years, we’re now at the point where information is abundant to help us challenge conventional extraction processes and traditional formulation ingredients and look deeper into what the skin cells need.

2021 will be a defining year in skincare.

With the rise of the Clean Cosmeceuticals movement, Biologi is leading the way in innovative skincare. Watch this space as 2021 reveals more revolutionary products and continues to lead the world in pure cellular beauty.

To find out more, contact our Customer Experience team today.


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