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If there’s one guarantee this ride of life offers everyone on board, it’s stress.

Even the calmest of people will inevitably endure stressful situations that can have a negative impact on both body and mind.

In times of stress, the body’s natural response is to create a surge in hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are designed to activate the fight-or-flight response that puts you in survival mode to protect you from external threats and keep you safe.

Unfortunately, elevated levels of cortisol over an extended period can also lead to a whole range of problems such as poor memory function, lack of sleep, dramatic weight gain or loss, and perhaps most noticeably; damage to your skin.

Cortisol, much as it’s designed to help protect you from danger, can lead to a hormonal imbalance throughout the body and offset the healthy equilibrium between good and bad bacteria in the gut leading to visible changes in your skin.

If you’ve felt the weight of the world on your shoulders at any point, here are some visible ways your skin can tell your story for you, and – never ones to give you a problem without a solution – Biologi’s natural tips to reduce the effects of stress on your skin.


Dark circles

One of the most common effects of prolonged stress is lack of sleep. Tossing and turning going over everything that’s worrying you can take its toll, and you’ll soon start to notice dark circles and bags under the delicate eye area.

Biologi’s natural solution

As far as the quality of your skin is concerned, there’s no replacement for a good night’s sleep as this is the time skin cells repair and rejuvenate. To avoid stress-induced insomnia, avoid caffeine, electronic devices before bed and consider putting a few drops of essential oils such as lavender on your pillow to help you relax.

Dark circles are caused by the thinning of the skin cells between the blood vessels making the dark vessels more visible. This prominent sign of a lack of sleep can be difficult to cover with makeup, so the best strategy is to try and plump up the under-eye area to create a firmer barrier.

Rich in natural vitamin C, Kakadu plum extract stimulates collagen and elastin production and strengthens skin cells making them appear plumper which keeps the blood vessels well-hidden.

The gallic acid (phenolic acid) in Bk serum acts as an inhibitor of melanogenesis which further helps reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


Dry or flaky skin

Cortisol can cause delicate skin cells to dehydrate leading to dry, flaky skin. Also, during stressful periods, alcohol consumption may increase to aid relaxation which can also lead to lack of hydration causing dry patches.

Biologi’s natural solution

Hydrating skin cells from the inside out is the most effective way to avoid dry, flaky patches and we can’t recommend adequate H20 intake enough! Drink at least two to three litres of water a day and increase hydration through nutrition by eating fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to lock moisture in, and nuts which are rich in hydrating vitamin E.

Bf serum is pure extract of finger lime and contains ferulic acid which is a hydroxycinnamic acid that helps retain moisture within the cutaneous layers of the skin to aid hydration.

Bf serum also contains Byangelicin, a flavanone which promotes anti-glycation activity to stop the build-up of skin on legs and arms that leads to dryness and flaking.



Cortisol can cause an offset between good and bad bacteria in the gut, an imbalance of which is linked to skin disorders such as acne. Cortisol can also increase inflammation in the body which may lead to angry-looking blemishes, breakouts and acne.

Biologi’s natural solution

Remove all foods from your diet that are known to cause inflammation (sugar, dairy and alcohol are the most common) to encourage the growth of good bacteria.

  • Bd serum

Bd serum is pure extract of Davidson plum which is rich in tartaric acid, a fruit acid that acts as an enzyme exfoliator to reduce redness and clear blocked pores promoting anti-acne activity.


Rashes and hives

Inflammation caused by excess cortisol can also arise from an imbalance in the gut where bad bacteria takes over the good. You might notice redness or rashes on your face, chest, and the tops of your arms.

Biologi’s natural solution

  • Bd serum

The gallic acid in Bd serum reduces skin redness to improve a range of inflammatory skin disorders. Another powerful active in Bd serum is quercetin, a flavanol that reduces inflammation on the skin to decrease angry looking red patches.


Premature ageing

An excess of cortisol over an extended period of time can cause the skin to age prematurely increasing fine lines and wrinkles.  Constant frowning can also lead to more prominent wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. Stress may also increase the desire to smoke and the harmful chemicals combined with pursed lips may lead to an increased likelihood of fine lines.

Biologi’s natural solution

Be aware of your facial expressions and try to avoid frowning. Put down the cigarettes and opt for a walk or exercise class as a skin-loving way to balance excess nervous energy.

Bd serum contains the powerful flavonoid anthocyanin. This reduces DNA damage to minimise the potential of early ageing and the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

Anthocyanin also improves mitochondrial functionality to increase the regenerative capacity of skin cells and promote collagen production as a potent anti-ageing active.

  • Bk serum

Bk serum contains natural vitamin C and ellagic acid, both powerful actives used to reduce the visible signs of premature ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, the tell-tale signs of stress are the response of a chemical imbalance within the body or environmental factors caused by stress such as eating more sugary foods, lack of exercise, insomnia, increased alcohol consumption and lack of self-care.

To really help your skin through times of stress, try deep breathing, regular exercise, and a balanced diet combined with regular use of Biologi serums to try and reduce the visible signs of stress on your skin.

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