The time for giving is truly upon us.

As Christmas fast approaches, finding gifts that will make your friends and loved ones feel as special as they deserve isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

We receive multiple messages each day from our customers telling us how much they love Biologi and why. So, to help with your Christmas shopping, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular reasons Biologi makes the best stocking filler for those you love.


Long-lasting results

When you friend or loved one opens up Biologi on Christmas Day, the fun for them is only just beginning!

All Biologi serums are fully active, which means they treat the skin on a cellular level. Extracted in the nutrient’s unique cellular matrix, the serum is delivered directly to each individual cell and deeply penetrates with potent plant power.

Biologi results are faster and longer lasting than traditional skincare products so every time the recipient looks in the mirror and their bright complexion smiles back at them; they’ll think of you!



Regardless of the skin type, skin concern or skincare goals of your loved one, each of our multiuse serums will give them results.

If they live with acne, Bd serum is the most effective to reduce inflammation, but it also hydrates and balances complexion giving a luminous glow.

While Bk serum is recommended for anti-ageing, even if there’s not a wrinkle in sight, they’ll still receive all the other benefits of natural vitamin C such as hydration, brighter skin and antioxidant protection.

This takes the pressure away from choosing the right product to match their skin type. All the skin needs is nutrients, and Biologi is jam-packed full of them!


It will save them money on skincare

Think of your gift as an investment into your loved one’s future!

When Biologi is added to a skincare routine, there’s no longer a need for moisturiser, face masks, night cream, eye cream or any other fad product found in a ten-step routine.

Biologi simplifies the basic skincare routine to cleanse, sunscreen and Biologi, saving them money in the future and space in their product cabinet!


Suitable for men, women and children

The full range of Biologi products is ideal for the whole family. It’s free from flowery fragrance which are traditionally added to women’s products, and with no hidden toxins or synthetic ingredients, it’s completely safe for all ages from newborn into adulthood.


It’ll improve their confidence

Biologi provides a range of benefits to the skin including hydration, balancing complexion, reducing inflammation and reducing pigmentation.

Our customers tell us that since using Biologi, they’re more confident to go makeup free doe some, for the first time in their life!

As your friend or loved one’s complexion improves, so will their confidence, and they’ll have you to thank for that!


There’s nothing else like it on the market

There’s nothing worse than watching someone open a gift that’s practically identical to yours! When your friend opens Biologi, you can guarantee they won’t have another present like it.

Our revolutionary extraction system is the first and only one of its kind in the world. Our serums contain plant-based vitamin C (not ascorbic acid or another synthetic version) and are 100% active. When you choose Biologi, you can guarantee your gift is unique because nobody else can provide consumers with fully active skincare that works on the skin just as it does in the plant.


It’s affordable

The full range of serums is available from just $53 for the mini pack. AfterPay is also available so you can pay in four interest-free fortnightly instalments.

The full range of multi use single-plant ingredient serums available from Biologi is a gift your friends and family will thank you for long into the future.

Visit our shop to start your Christmas shopping today!


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