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For many, the thought of applying oil directly to the face will be met with horror, particularly those with an oily skin type. Logically, many consumers feel that applying oil can lead to a greasy complexion and breakouts, the very outcome they're trying to avoid.

The harsh Australian climate combined with a mostly outdoor-based lifestyle has led to many consumers experiencing a common skin concern known as pigmentation. While generally harmless, pigmentation appears as patchy skin that is often impossible to cover up. With prolonged exposure to the sun, pigmentation often gets worse over time and can have a severe impact on self-confidence.

While skincare companies are touting ‘hydration', ‘anti-ageing' and a ‘glowing complexion’ as reasons to care for your skin, at Biologi, those things are all bonuses rather than the primary objective. Of course, we all want beautiful, glowing skin that improves confidence and makes us feel as good as we look. Who doesn't?

Stereotypically, men have it much easier than women when it comes to skincare. As marketing campaigns would have you believe, women appear to spend much longer than their male counterparts applying luxurious face masks and indulging in complex skincare routines. Men, on the other hand, can get away with a quick facial rinse, a 30-second shave and a splash of cologne all in super-quick speed!

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