I am normally very sceptical about products, as after spending a lot of money on new skincare I would always end up going back to same cream that is used for eczema, ichthyosis etc. Every time I have tried a new product for the first few days I would be happy but then dry patches would appear, and my skin would start looking dry and I was uncomfortable using makeup on my skin as I was afraid all the patches would show.

One day I was listing to a podcast and I came across Matt and Biologi, being plant-based and interested in different vitamins and minerals we get from plants this made me think…I ordered small bottles of Bd and Bk not getting my hopes up… I am so happy I was wrong, the results I got were amazing. After just two weeks, I ordered a large Bk and Bd and I love it, I have been using the serum for 3 months now and I am still so happy with it.

I go to hot yoga most days, and gosh we sweat there, and we wipe of full faces of sweat (sorry gross) but now I am not rushing to apply cream as my skin stays hydrated after class.

Now when I am out I may put a small amount of foundation but not much as I like my skin now.

I have a teenage daughter and she uses the Br serum to control her spots and bring a glow to her skin and we are both so pleased with the results, she uses it twice a day, and her skin looks so much healthier, and just like I, we couldn’t be happier. This skin product has really changed my skin care routine, I don’t feel the need to put foundation on as my skin looks so fresh and healthy, I even get comments how my skin is glowing and it makes me so much more confident about the way my skin looks.

Thank you again.

– Eva


What our customers have to say



“I am the first person to give something or someone a chance regardless of what it is, but I’m also the first to stop doing/using it if it doesn’t work.”



“Can I just say a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for providing me with the best skin care I have ever used in a bloody long time!”



“This product is EVERYTHING.
I have struggled with acne, scaring and redness for years, which has left me feeling super insecure.”



“After so much research on products, trial and error with different brands and constantly being disappointed with ‘natural products’ that are full of synthetic materials, I am SO glad I found Biologi.”



“10 Stars!!! I have always had very dry skin, especially on my legs. This is a Miracle!!!”



“I am normally very sceptical about products, as after spending a lot of money on new skincare.”

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