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The 28-day skin cycle – why ‘instant’ skincare results are unrealistic

The 28-day skin cycle – why ‘instant’ skincare results are unrealistic

The 28-day skin cycle – why ‘instant’ skincare results are unrealistic

Do you ever look at your skin and wonder what happened to your glorious glow?

Or, have you become accustomed to dry patches and breakouts that appear for no apparent reason?

While the skin can often seem unpredictable, it might surprise you to know that it actually sticks to a fairly consistent cycle.

What is the skin cycle?

It takes the average adult skin cell 28 days from formation deep within the dermal layers to make its way to the skin’s surface before dying and shedding.

During that time, the cell matures and strengthens as it travels up to the outer layer. By the time the cells are exposed, they’re strong and healthy enough to form part of the barrier function that protects the body from toxins and locks in moisture.

As cells go through the 28-day process, they go through four phases: dry, improving, glowing and oily.

Of course, not all skin cells reach the same stage at the same time which is why you might notice patches of dryness or breakouts at various times of the cycle.

Each skin type is different so it’s impossible to be exact about how long each stage lasts, but for approximately one week in every four, we recommend the following Biologi products to treat each stage.

Dry and improving

If the skin is naturally drier than normal, apply Bf Hydration Serum as required. The extract of finger lime is rich in tryptophan and ferulic acid which work together to give thirsty cells a big drink deep within the dermal layers.

If the skin still appears dry, apply Br Organic Rosehip Oil over the top of the serum. The organic oil is a natural source of vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids to promote the skins internal hydration and protective processes and support healthy cellular turnover.


Once the skin is in the glowing phase, you’ll notice it’s more hydrated, pores are smaller, oil flow is regulated and complexion is even. During this stage, use the serum most suited to your natural skin type to enhance the complexion.  We love Bk Rejuvenation Serum which contains plant-based vitamin C to combat the signs of ageing and build antioxidant protection.


When the skin is going through the oily phase, you might notice pores are enlarged and you’re more prone to breakouts or redness.

Bd Luminosity Serum is an oily skin type’s best friend. Tartaric acid naturally occurs in Davidson plum and works to break down the protein bonds that clog pores leading to oily skin. The enzyme exfoliant also balances oil production by gently cleansing excess sebum that can leave a greasy appearance.

Whatever stage of the cycle your skin is going through, by preparing the skin’s surface with active ingredients, you’ll create the overall glow that balances the complexion and creates an even, healthy tone.

Biologi serums are fully active which means they repair skin on a cellular level. As they’re water-soluble, the active nutrients penetrate deeper and start to prepare the cells sooner giving you radiant skin by the time they reach the surface.

While it can be tempting to over-exfoliate to reach younger, more glowing skin cells, the most effective way to achieve healthy skin is with patience.

During the 28-day cycle, it’s important to remember that until the cells have matured and are ready for the surface, they’re not strong enough to withstand the harshness from the environment. Exposing them too soon will mean they’ll damage more easily resulting in dryness and premature ageing.

Despite many marketing claims to the contrary, there’s no physical way to rush the skin’s 28-day cycle.

As consumers, we can be impatient when waiting for the results of new products, largely due to marketing taglines telling us to expect ‘instant results’. When that doesn’t happen, it’s easy to become disheartened and move on to another lotion or potion for the next quick fix.

When you try new products, patience is a virtue. It’s important to witness results across a full skin cycle (or longer), to see how skin responds at every stage.

To find out more about skin function, contact our customer service team for free advice today.

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