Every week, we receive countless messages from consumers asking whether Biologi can cure acne.

While we’d love to tout Biologi’s natural healing properties (fact), antioxidant protection (fact) and ability to balance complexion (also a fact); the simple answer is ‘no’.

Biologi cannot cure acne.

And that’s not because Biologi isn’t laden with powerful active ingredients that treat skin at a cellular level.

Because it is.

It’s because skin health, particularly as far as inflammatory conditions such as acne and eczema are concerned, must be treated as a two-pronged approach and cannot be cured by a product alone.


If you live with acne, you’ve likely tried a variety of methods to reduce breakouts, redness and inflammation.

Perhaps you’ve taken antibiotics which may work for a short time but can affect the balance of good bacteria in the gut.

You may have been prescribed the contraceptive pill which can slow down the production of sebum yet flood the body with artificial hormones leading to longer-term health issues.

Or, perhaps you’re using face washes and cleansers that contain harsh ingredients. While they may reduce redness temporarily, they also leave healthy skin cells dry, damaged and sore.

If you’ve tried to clear up acne to no avail, the next recommended step is to look at your gut health to eliminate any food intolerances which may result in breakouts.

And an intolerance to dairy is often the main culprit that can lead to chronic skin conditions.


Dairy and your skin

Acne is often caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body. A high level of androgens (such as testosterone) in the body may stimulate excessive secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands which can get blocked and lead to outbreaks.

While we can’t control our natural hormone levels, a healthy balance can be offset by consuming products which contain added hormones.

Cow’s milk is known to contain both synthetic and natural hormones and can alter testosterone levels when consumed. Soy is another common product found in cow’s feed which can lead to an increase in estrogen both in the cow and therefore the consumer.

While hormone imbalances can cause acne, if the body is unable to break down the proteins found in some dairy products, the signs of intolerance may also be visible on your skin in the form of redness and irritation.

Dairy covers a broad range of foods including milk, cheese and yoghurts which are consumed in a variety of ways so it’s incredibly hard to pinpoint ‘dairy’ in general as a single cause of acne, but it’s certainly a factor to explore.

If you’re experiencing either sporadic flare-ups or consistent acne, here are our recommendations to achieve clear, healthy skin.


Visit a naturopath

Jess Blair is a Brisbane-based naturopath who helps her patients discover and treat the cause of skin concerns rather than using a band-aid approach to cover up the symptoms.

Jess says; “many studies over the years have shown a common link between gut health and skin conditions and there’s often an underlying issue why your skin is breaking out. This could include hormone imbalance, compromised gut health or compromised immunity.”

A professional naturopath will help identify the causes of skin concerns and recommend strategies to treat them.


Keep a food diary

If you’re susceptible to acne breakouts or flare-ups of conditions such as eczema, a simple food diary may highlight any patterns. For one month, write down everything you eat and see if you can spot any obvious patterns.

Remember that some foods such as dairy may take up to three days to be eliminated from the body so the effects may not be noticeable immediately. You may also react to combining food groups such as dairy and gluten rather than just gluten alone, so it’s important to get your food intake analysed by a professional.


Eat a balanced diet

As well as eliminating foods from your diet, we recommend you also add a range of healthy foods to your meal plan.

An eating regime filled with nutrients that are great for skin healing includes foods high in vitamin A (such as spinach and mangoes), vitamin D, vitamin E, B3 and B5.


Apply Bd serum

When treating the symptoms of acne, we recommend avoiding harsh scrubs, drying toners and moisturisers which can block pores with synthetics, and apply Bd serum instead.

Bd serum is a single plant extract of Davidson plum and a powerhouse of natural nutrients that can reduce the visible signs of acne. As a natural source of tartaric acid, Bd serum works as a gentle enzyme exfoliant to keep skin cells clear and avoid blockages in the pores which can cause acne.

Gallic acid and quercetin lower inflammation and reduce redness while anthocyanin hydrates and gives skin an overall luminous glow to brighten the complexion.

If you experience acne or regular breakouts, we can’t stress enough that you need to investigate the links between dairy intolerances and the health of your skin while using products to treat the symptoms.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and skin health must be looked at by a multi-faceted approach including nutrition and natural skincare.” Jess Blair, naturopath.

To find out more about treating acne, contact our customer service team today.


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