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The Lowdown On Lip Care Dos And Dont’s For Luscious Lips

The Lowdown On Lip Care Dos And Dont’s For Luscious Lips

The Lowdown On Lip Care Dos And Dont’s For Luscious Lips

The Lowdown On Lip Care Dos And Dont’s For Luscious Lips

While a skincare routine is generally established from a young age, rarely is lip care given the individual attention it deserves.

The lips play a vital role in facilitating human functions like talking and eating, but they also help express emotion and create intimacy and sensuality.

Often plumped, primed and glossed to increase impact, the lips are one of the most prominent, stand-out facial features. The search for luscious lips has never been more important!

The lips cells are more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the face for two key reasons.

Firstly, they don’t have sebaceous glands.  This means they lack the natural oils that hydrate the skin which makes them drier and more prone to cracking.

Secondly, lips are made up of significantly fewer layers of skin. On average, the face contains up to 16 dermal layers, but the lips can have as few as three making it harder to retain moisture.  Interestingly, this is what leaves the blood vessels more exposed and is why the lips are darker in colour than the rest of the face.

Lip care is an essential yet often overlooked element of any skincare routine. With a slightly different make up to the rest of the face, here are some lip-specific dos and don’ts to achieve luscious lips that are smooth, supple and hydrated.


DON’T: Use petroleum-based products

The idea behind petroleum-based products is that they seal the moisture into the lips to aid hydration and give shine. The harsher reality, however, is that while moisture can’t get out, nor can harmful toxins. Blocked pores can then lead to sensitivity and damaged lips. Sealing pores this way also means that external moisture and air can’t reach cells either which disrupts the natural hydrating processes.


DO: Drink lots of fluid

The lips respond to internal hydration the same way as the rest of the skin. Hydrate by consuming liquid in the form of pure water, smoothies and herbal tea to keep lips naturally moisturised.


DON’T: Lick your lips

While licking your lips might feel like it gives a burst of hydration it actually has the opposite effect. Saliva evaporates quickly taking with it any natural moisture present. Saliva also contains enzymes that dry out the delicate cells leaving lips more dehydrated than before.


DO: Protect lips from the sun

Lips are much more susceptible to the elements such as the harsh sun so always apply a lip-friendly SPF when you go to the beach. Pair with antioxidant protection to defend against free radical damage caused by harmful UV rays.


DON’T: Overuse lip balm

Lip balm and chapstick are designed to give an instant burst of hydration when lips feel dry but it’s easy to become reliant on the waxy products. The lips are designed to naturally hydrate themselves so overusing lip balms that give external hydration can actually slow the internal processes and become counterproductive. The more you use, the more you will need.


DO: Look at the ingredients in products

While products that plump lips and keep lipstick locked in place may seem like a good idea, the ingredients used to create these reactions can damage delicate skin cells leaving them susceptible to cracking, chapping and sensitivity.
Remember that the skin on the lips has fewer layers than the rest of the face, so anything designed to be long-lasting or lock lip products in place will also fill the pores with harsh toxins.
If you apply a product that stings, tingles, or burns, even if the sensation is short term, those ingredients remain trapped in the layers causing unseen damage to cells. While you don’t want toxins close to your cells, you definitely don’t want them so close to your mouth where they can easily be ingested.


DO: Apply active ingredients

Just like all skin cells, the lips love active ingredients. These are the nutrients that get to work to hydrate and repair cells on a deeper level leaving lips soft, supple and smooth. We carry a travel size Bf serum at all times for a powerful combination of active vitamin C and ferulic acid to hydrate, offer antioxidant protection and aid hydration.

Your lips deserve the same TLC as the rest of your skin. To find out more about specific lip care, contact our customer service team today.


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