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The lowdown on sheet masks: Is there a better alternative for facial treatments?

The lowdown on sheet masks: Is there a better alternative for facial treatments?

The lowdown on sheet masks: Is there a better alternative for facial treatments?

The lowdown on sheet masks: Is there a better alternative for facial treatments?

As self-care rituals continually evolve, the sheet mask has become a popular addition to at-home beauty regimes across the globe.

Sheets range in budgets and design and the modern twist on the traditional liquid face mask are available in the form of paper, gel or cloth. With holes for the eyes, nose and mouth, masks are infused with a whole host of supposedly nourishing ingredients.

Simply apply the mask by lining the holes up with your face, sit back, relax for 15 minutes and let the concoction of ingredients do their work.

As a single-use facial treatment in a packet, sheet masks are easy-to-use, convenient and are becoming an essential part of any self-care routine. Your face gets a nourishing treatment, you get to relax. All is good, right?

Well, no. Not necessarily.

While sheet masks can hydrate the skin in the short term, Biologi’s dermal specialist and managing director, Lucy Macdougald, urges consumers to consider the long-term impacts. Sheet masks are full of water. While providing short-term hydration, the water essentially dilutes any active ingredients down to nothing making any results purely synthetic. Sheet masks are also occlusive which means they trap toxins and synthetic ingredients in the deeper dermal layers causing sensitivity and irritation. 

Further, many gel masks contain acrylates which bind the masks to the skin. Acrylates are found in common household and beauty products including hairspray and nail varnish. Not something we recommend putting near delicate pores!”

So, with environmental sustainability an obvious concern, is there any benefit to single-use sheet masks?

There’s no denying that sheet masks hydrate skin but combining the occlusive effect with questionable ingredients, we strongly urge against sheet masks as a treatment for your skin.

Here are Lucy’s tips for more effective alternatives that are kinder to both the planet AND the skin.


Hydrate from the inside out

The body is naturally designed to hydrate each cell without synthetic intervention. Assist the natural hydrating processes by consuming plenty of liquid in the form of water, herbal teas and smoothies, and even through foods such as salads. The skin is the body’s largest organ and needs hydrating from within just as any other major organ does.


Sleep well

Sleep is the most underrated pillar of cellular health. While you sleep, melatonin and HGH production increase which can reduce inflammation and help cells repair and regenerate.

Cellular mitosis is the process that leads to skin repair. During mitosis, single skin cells divide into two identical cells to replace older cells with healthier, newer cells. Mitosis is boosted during sleep which is why quality sleep must be a priority.



Regular exercise increases blood flow which delivers nutrients to the surface of the skin leading to a glowing complexion. Sweating also helps purge bacteria and toxins from the skin to help maintain a healthy PH balance.


Apply active ingredients

One of our biggest concerns with sheet masks is the level of activity in the ingredients. Active ingredients are those which repair the skin on a cellular level without any synthetic manipulation. When a product is primarily water, the actives are dissolved to they can’t work as nature intended making any results purely synthetic.

Regularly applying fully active skincare such as Biologi will treat a range of skin concerns leading to longer-lasting and much more effective results.


Regularly exfoliate

Exfoliation once or twice a week is an essential step to support cellular turnover.  Exfoliation also stops pores from becoming blocked with dead skin cells and debris allowing the active ingredients in serums to penetrate deeper.

Bd Luminosity Serum is rich in the phyto nutrient tartaric acid which naturally works to break down the protein bond that holds dead skin cells in place. Bd Luminosity Serum also helps regulate oil flow to promote healthy cellular turnover.


Cleanse thoroughly

Thorough cleansing will remove makeup, oil, and dirt and prepare the skin’s surface so active ingredients nourish the cells at a deeper level.

At the end of the day, we recommend removing makeup with a reusable microfiber cloth and follow with a treatment cleanser. We also recommend cleansing every morning to remove all traces of debris from bed linen and dust particles.


Use facial tools

A wide range of skincare accessories and tools are available to provide added benefits to the skin when used in conjunction with active skincare.

Regular use of a Gua Shah has been likened to natural Botox for the skin as the ritual lifts and contours the face. Gua Shah and facial rolling both increase the efficacy of skincare products by helping oils penetrate deeper into the dermal layers.

Gua Shah and facial rollers also stimulate blood circulation to increase the nutrients and fresh oxygen delivered to the skin which reduces inflammation and brightens the complexion.

If you’re looking for relaxation, these rituals will also help remove tension in the facial muscles while supporting lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness.

While sheet masks provide an opportunity to put your feet up and relax for 15 minutes, any other potential benefits are wiped out by the toxins the skin absorbs in the process.

As part of a holistic approach to skincare, regularly applying active ingredients provides all the nourishment the skin needs. Click here to shop Bioligi today.



  • Angel Taylor

    25 . 08 . 2020

    Hi Lilli, We have sent you an email with some options for these.

  • Lilli

    24 . 08 . 2020

    Would love a recommendation for both a Gua Shah and exfoliant! Loving my Biologi products. Thanks guys!

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