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The lowdown on stretch marks!

The lowdown on stretch marks!

The lowdown on stretch marks!

As an estimated 50-90% of women and countless men can tell you, stretch marks – otherwise known as striae distensae – don’t discriminate.

Thin white, silver or red scars can appear on the body at any time throughout puberty, pregnancy or after rapid weight loss or gain.

And once stretch marks are here, you’d be forgiven for believing they’re here to stay.

We’ve become accustomed to accepting stretch marks as a normal part of life. But, as with many other skin concerns, getting to know the cause of the condition can sometimes lead us straight to the prevention, and in many cases, cure.

What causes stretch marks?

Elastin is a protein that helps the skin accommodate a normal rate of growth. Weight gain or loss too quickly, however, can tear the skin leaving it with the appearance of scarring. Common areas susceptible to stretch marks are the stomach, hips, thighs, breast, and buttocks.

While fluctuations in weight are a common cause of stretch marks, it’s fair to say that this varies from person to person. While one person might get stretch marks during pregnancy, another may not. Elastin production varies from person to person often leaving the appearance of stretch marks down to nothing more than luck.

Genetics also play a part in stretch marks. If your parents have them, you’re more likely to be susceptible. Again, this is simply down to ‘luck’ as far as the outward appearance of the skin is concerned.

Stretch marks are an extremely normal and common skin feature. We wear our stretchmarks loud and proud at Biologi and encourage everyone to do the same! There’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of but as we’re often asked, ‘how can I get rid of stretch marks?’, it seems timely for us to share our top recommendations to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Control weight

While the elastin and collagen proteins work to help skin stretch, if weight changes too rapidly, skin can appear scarred. Avoid extreme weight gain or loss too quickly and instead, focus on making changes gradually to reduce the chances of the skin tearing.

Hydrate from the inside out

Stretch marks are more likely to occur on dry and flaky skin rather than skin that’s hydrated and smooth. Consume plenty of water to prevent stretch marks forming in the first place.

Professional treatments

Professional treatments are available to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. In many cases, these can be very effective. Contact your nearest skincare clinic to receive a personalised treatment plan or for professional advice specifically tailored to your skin.


While you can’t outrun stretch marks, exercise helps stimulate blood flow and collagen which can prevent stretch marks from forming.

Apply active ingredients

If you only apply one thing to the skin to prevent and repair connective tissue damage, make it Bf Hydration Serum!

The extract of finger lime is a natural source of fully active, stable vitamin C. Applying directly to the skin supports neocollagenesis and stimulates the growth of collagen to reduce the potential for stretch marks. The skin absorbs the phytonutrients but without the addition of the toxic load found in many formulations often marketed as a solution to stretch marks.

As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C can also reduce redness and scarring to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.

The key to keeping stretch marks at bay is hydrated skin, and Bf Hydration Serum is aptly named! As a rich source of ferulic acid, Bf serum hydrates and strengthens cells to keep skin soft and supple.

We believe that stretch marks tell a personal story and are nothing to be embarrassed about. If you do want to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks to restore confidence, visit our shop to buy Bf Hydration Serum today.

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