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The New Year’s Resolutions your skin is begging you to make!

The New Year’s Resolutions your skin is begging you to make!

The New Year’s Resolutions your skin is begging you to make!

As we step into 2022, for those who have had a more stressful year than usual, the skin is showing the signs.

Ongoing stress has led to increased inflammation. At-home dermal treatments that rose in popularity due to ongoing lockdowns have contributed to sensitisation and damaged barriers.  And while skincare should always be at the forefront of your mind, as we approach a fresh new year, there’s never been a better time to take the condition of your skin into your own hands!

So as we say goodbye to the year that was, and H-E-L-L-O to 2022, here are six New Year’s skincare resolutions your skin is begging you to make!

1) Always take make up off

While it can be tempting to collapse into bed after a long, hard day, if you do one thing for your skin this year, commit to removing makeup.

A double cleanse using a microfibre cloth to remove surface dirt and debris, followed by a serum cleanse such as Bc Refresh Cleanser will remove all traces of impurities and prepare the skin’s surface to receive the active goodness found in all Biologi serums.

2) Practice Intuitive Beauty

Intuitive Beauty is the term we use when we stop listening to the marketing messages and start listening to what the skin needs to thrive.

Skin cells have a 28-day life cycle in which they’re formed, mature and die. Once they’ve been through this process, they then shed.

Throughout this cycle, the skin might become drier than normal at any point, or experience changes cause by hormones. Intuitive Beauty is when you choose specific active ingredients based on what the skin needs and answer your cells wishes!

3) Rely on clean cosmeceuticals

Clean cosmeceuticals alter the function of the skin to enhance results while being ethically manufactured and free from harmful synthetics and skin irritants.

Clean cosmeceuticals rely on the power of active ingredients, are fully sustainable and provide everything the skin needs to thrive without the use of SLSs, silicones, parabens, artificial fragrance, emulsifiers and even water.

4) Drink more water

As the body’s largest organ, drinking water helps promote the skin’s natural hydrating processes to strengthen cells and help the complexion become more hydrated, brighter and more dewy.

The more water you drink, the less the skin relies on irritating formulations and occlusive ingredients for artificial hydration.

5) Stop using products you don’t need

With multi-use products increasing in popularity, there’s no need to chop and change between products increasing the toxic load on the skin.

Just as you would do with a nutrition plan, why not consider a skin fast to kick off the new year? Put down all the products you can live without (including makeup!) and help restore the skin’s natural processes and PH level.

Many products do little more than increase the toxic load, so now is as good a time as any to ask yourself, ‘does my skin really need this?’

6) Learn about your ingredients

Every time you pick up a product, read the ingredients list and really understand how the product is formulated. Did you know that a product containing ‘water’ or ‘aqua’ as the first ingredient means that you’re paying for up to 80% water? Or that ‘ascorbic acid’ is a synthetic derivative of vitamin C created in a lab and therefore doesn’t have any of the healing and antioxidising properties of plant-based vitamin C?

Learning about the ingredient is one key step to help your skin thrive in will give you skin thrive in 2022.

2022 is just round the corner! Treat your skin the way it deserves, shop Biologi today.


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