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The science behind Biologi

The science behind Biologi

The science behind Biologi

Whether you’re a loyal customer or you’re yet to try Biologi’s range of clean cosmeceuticals, there’s one thing all consumers should know.

Biologi is not like other skincare brands.

A far cry from thick, heavy moisturisers boasting claims of anti-ageing and hydrating properties, Biologi’s range of fully active serums is free from any other ingredient that does not benefit the skin.

Every single drop of Biologi performs at a functional level on the skin. Here’s the science behind how and WHY our revolutionary brand is different to any other product on the market.

The Biologi science

Biologi’s range of potent, active serums was founded on 12 years of research into the skin combined with world-first extraction technology.

We already knew that skin cells most closely resemble plant cells in function. To create a skincare product that treated the skin on this deeper cellular level to achieve faster, more noticeable and longer-lasting results, we needed to understand plant science. Knowledge of the types of nutrients, micronutrients and phytoactives that worked to heal, nourish and protect the skin on a deeper level was therefore essential.

It took many years of research to understand how plant phytonutrients are produced, stored, kept stable and made available for the plant to use.

Once we were sure of this information, we then developed our patent pending CLECS II™ technology. This world first, revolutionary extraction method harnesses the plant’s internal process by also removing the liquid matrix (serum) that flows throughout the plant.

The system expertly protects the plants vital phytoactives from breaking down once extracted allowing us to provide an untouched, undiluted, fully active combination of phytoactives and micronutrients.

Biologi offers advanced protection and more efficient cellular repair through a scientific understanding of what skin cells need to thrive.

We’re uniquely responsible for every step of the process from selecting the plants and farmers to bottling the liquid to providing consumers with transformative skincare that works without compromising the cells.

How is Biologi different?

Traditional extraction processes are highly ineffective and leave phytonutrients unstable and inactive. A formulation consisting of synthetic sensitising ingredients is then required to offer any benefit to the skin.

These extraction techniques often involve the plant material being immersed in an alcohol-based liquid for storage. By the time it is added to skincare suitable for consumer use, the phytoactivity has been depleted and the extracts require preservatives and synthetic ingredients to function.

Biologi’s founder, Ross Macdougald, began development of the CLECS II™ extraction technology in 2008. It is the only extraction system of its kind developed and built in Australia. The unique function to capture the PNP™ (liquid matrix) makes Biologi the only brand in the world that can protect plant extracts in their unique environment and provide plant serum that functions in the bottle exactly as it does in the plant.

Vitamin C in skincare

Vitamin C is an important nutrient to defy the signs of ageing, build antioxidant protection, hydrate and balance skin tone. Traditional extraction methods, however, leave vitamin C unstable and inactive after approximately 30 minutes of removal from its plant source.

Because of this instability, vitamin C in skincare created with traditional extraction techniques requires formulation with synthetic activating agents for stability. If vitamin C is labelled as ‘ascorbic acid’, ‘L-ascorbic acid’ or a version of (always check the product label for clarification), it is formulated in a lab with sensitising synthetic ingredients added to keep it stable.

Biologi is the first, and so far, only brand in the world to have developed and used the extraction technology required to provide consumers with pure, untouched active vitamin C.

And that’s the Biologi difference.

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