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The six sins of shaving! The most common shaving mistakes that could be ruining your skin

The six sins of shaving! The most common shaving mistakes that could be ruining your skin

The six sins of shaving! The most common shaving mistakes that could be ruining your skin

The six sins of shaving! The most common shaving mistakes that could be ruining your skin

Women who choose to shave their legs can often see the toll it takes on delicate leg skin.

Dry patches, bumps under the skin, sensitivity and irritation are all common symptoms of shaving, often made worse during the cooler months when air humidity drops.

While women have adapted to less than perfect post-shave skin over the years, it might surprise you to learn that this doesn’t have to be the case.

After years of following the same shaving rituals, some common mistakes have been handed down to us from generations before.

While the bad news is that you may have been unnecessarily walking around with dry, bumpy skin all this time; the good news is you can change this, starting today!

Here are the six shaving sins that might be ruining your skin, that you can fix today.

1)Not lathering up

Shaving cream or foam locks moisture into the hairs making them softer and easier to remove. The heavy liquid also creates a protective layer between the razor blade and the outer layer of the skin to prevent damage to cells.

Dry or wet shaving without foam or cream means more friction, more redness, and more irritation.

Fix it today: Buy a good quality shaving foam or cream and apply before every single shave. To hydrate and protect skin, you can even use Bc Refresh Cleanser. The soapberry extract naturally foams when dispensed through a pump making a lather without applying synthetic surfactants to the skin.

2) Using a blunt blade

The blunter the blade, the more pressure required to remove hairs. This pressure can lead to bumps, irritation and cuts. Older razors that have been left in the shower can also attract bacteria which can cause irritation or infection.

Fix it today: Replace old blades regularly and swap blunt disposables for a fresher, more sustainable option.

3) Failing to exfoliate

Exfoliating before shaving removes dead skin cells giving a smoother shave while avoiding shaving bumps and rashes. You can read our guide to choosing an exfoliant here.

Fix it today: Make sure you exfoliate legs before you shave to remove all traces of dead skin cells.

4) Shaving too fast

A quick shave can often lead to nicks and cuts which can easily become infected. Take your time when you shave paying careful attention to harder to reach areas such as the knees and ankles.

Fix it today: If you don’t have time to shave, skip it until a more convenient time. Slow and steady wins the shaving race.

5) Shaving in the wrong direction

We’ve always been taught to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth for a closer shave. While this might be true, this is also a leading cause of ingrown hairs. The blunt tip of the hair can grow back into the skin rather than outwards as it’s naturally supposed to.

Fix it today: Always shave in the same direction as the hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs.

6) Failing to hydrate afterwards

Shaving exposes the pores and failing to apply a hydrating serum will leave cells dry, flaky and irritated.

Fix it today: For the smoothest shave, always apply Bf Hydration Serum directly after shaving. The ferulic acid naturally occurring in finger lime locks in moisture to avoid dry patches that can occur. The vitamin C and tryptophan also work together to reduces redness, reduce UV damage in the hair follicles and calm inflammation leading to perfect pins every time!

If not carried out correctly, shaving can cause trauma to cells which can lead to dry, flaky skin and irritation. Follow these tips to protect, nourish and repair skin for soft, silky, hydrated legs. To shop Bf Hydration Serum, click here today.

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