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The skin’s PH and the importance of keeping it balanced

The skin’s PH and the importance of keeping it balanced

The skin’s PH and the importance of keeping it balanced

The skin’s PH and the importance of keeping it balanced

For those of you who studied chemistry, ‘PH’ is a term you might already have heard of.

To get the high school learning out of the way; PH stands for ‘potential hydrogen’. The PH level (generally between 0 and 14) indicates the acidity or alkaline level of any water-based substance.

As up to 60% of our cells are water, the skin also has a PH level. And the PH of the skin’s microbiome is of huge significance to the condition of your skin and your signature glow!

The acid mantle, as the skin microbiome is otherwise known, is a light film made up of sebum and water.  This thin layer covers the surface of the skin and works to lock in moisture and nutrients while acting as a barrier against toxins, bacteria and environmental pollutants.

While PH 7 is neutral, for it to function at its best, the skin’s PH should naturally sit between 4.5 and 5.5 making it slightly alkaline. The optimal PH level for skin is slightly more acidic than tap water and about the same level as a tomato or black coffee.

Most skin problems occur when this acid mantle is out of balance. Constant disruption can lead to dryness, breakouts and premature ageing. Skin that is too acidic or too alkaline can also cause serious skin concerns including eczema and dermatitis.

With the PH of the skin is essential to a glowing complexion and overall health, here are our recommended tips to maintain a healthy balance:

Preserve the skin’s natural oils

The skin’s natural oils form the acid mantle. When these oils are stripped from the skin, the mantle becomes too alkaline and may appear red, dehydrated, or sensitised.

Protect the skin’s natural oils in the following ways:

  • Avoid the use of harsh toners which work to dry skin rather than hydrate
  • Keep shower temperature to a minimum as heat can strip natural moisture
  • Avoid cleansers and soaps that contain alcohol as an ingredient

Assess water quality

If your shower water is carrying too many minerals, it may be out of balance. If water is too alkaline, it can impact the skin’s microbiome and may cause dehydration. If your skin is persistently dry yet you’re applying active products, consider a testing kit to assess the mineral content of your water and attach a shower filter if necessary.

Test skincare products

Soaps and cleansers can typically be too alkaline which can impact the microbiome. While many brands will let you know their products are ‘PH balanced’, we believe in doing our own research. PH testing kits are available relatively cheaply and can quickly and easily show you the exact PH level of the products you’re applying directly to your skin. Remember, you’re aiming for between 4.5 and 5.5, anything outside of this may be detrimental to the skin.

Choose natural skincare rich in nutrients

Every drop of topical skincare should be making a difference to the quality of your skin. Harsh ingredients such as fragrance, chemical activators and emulsifiers do little more than contribute to the toxic load on the skin.

Biologi serums and cleanser are single-plant ingredient products that harness the natural plant power of some of Australia’s most potent extracts. Every drop of Biologi is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All products are 100% active which means they treat the skin on a cellular level rather than from the outside synthetically.

One of the best tips we can give you to maintain this healthy balance is to reduce the toxic load on your skin. This is often a gradual process and we recommend you start by looking at all the ingredients in your products and learning what they really mean.

Once you understand the impact these ingredients can have on a healthy complexion, you’ll then get discerning about those you really need.

To shop Biologi’s revolutionary range of 100% active serums, click here today.

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