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The Year that was 2019 – Happy Holidays from Ross and Lucy!

The Year that was 2019 – Happy Holidays from Ross and Lucy!

The Year that was 2019 – Happy Holidays from Ross and Lucy!

The Year that was 2019 – Happy Holidays from Ross and Lucy!

As the end of 2019 fast approaches, we’re currently reflecting on a whirlwind of a year for Biologi!

While the last 12 months may have passed quickly, the support of our followers and customers has helped us reach milestones that far exceed anything we could have planned for in our second full year as a retail product.

Every day, we receive countless testimonials from our customers telling us that their skin conditions have healed. That their complexion glows. That their skin is the best it’s ever been. And these are the real reasons we worked hard every single day of 2019.

Here are some more of our notable milestones achieved in 2019.


Two new product launches

2019 saw the launch of two new products in the Biologi range.

Designed specifically to target stubborn pigmentation, Bqk is a fully active morning and evening ritual that improves skin colour and clarity while preventing further pigmentation.

Created using extracts of  Kakadu plum (morning ritual) and quandong (evening ritual), the serum is a direct response to what consumers asked us for and quickly became a firm favourite in the product range.

In June, Br oil was the next product released.

Honouring our promise to provide only high-quality, single-plant ingredient products sourced directly from nature, Br Organic Rosehip Oil does just that.

The easy-to-apply oil challenges conventional oil extraction methods to offer consumers the most natural, unrefined rosehip oil on the market.

Delivering a potent synergy of organic actives required for skin health, Br is the most effective oil to use in conjunction with Biologi serums. Gentle enough to use on sensitised skin types but powerful enough to achieve maximum results, Br oil rejuvenates the skin just as it does the plant.


Launch of Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist events

Biologi is a brand built on education.

Of course, we also provide consumers with a completely natural product that works. But whether consumers choose Biologi or not, our primary mission is to help everyone understand what’s in their existing skincare and what the skin needs to function.

We want to address all skincare concerns but rather than just treating the problem, we educate consumers on what has caused the issue in the first place.

As a formulating chemist with over 25 years’ experience, Ross has an incredible amount of insight and knowledge regarding the skin and what it needs.

In June, we launched our first ‘Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist’ event on the Gold Coast.

The ticketed event saw consumers, suppliers and potential stockists come together to enjoy an intimate evening filled with delicious food, conversation and education. We informed guests about the truth about vitamin C, what’s in our everyday skincare products, how they’re formulated, and answered all questions put to us by the audience.

We held three more events on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, making the series of events a considerable achievement for 2019. We’re looking forward to taking the events across Australia and New Zealand in 2020 to help provide further education about skincare and the industry.


Finalists for a Telstra Business Award

In September, we were thrilled to hear we’d been named as a finalist in the 2019 Telstra Business Awards Emerging and Energised (NSW) category.

Biologi’s inspiration to design a 100% active plant serum that alters the skin on a cellular level is based on the knowledge that consumers are looking for skincare products that work. While we weren’t winners on the night, to have our brand and technological capabilities recognised by such a prestigious awards body was an amazing achievement.


Expanded our supplier base

We’re ending 2019 with a total of 29 online and physical stockists who stock Biologi and pass the benefits onto their client base.

Seven of those are based internationally giving consumers all over the world access to clearer, better functioning skin.

Beginning just over two years ago with our online store, to have so many quality and reputable suppliers recognise the offering that Biologi can contribute to their own core service is humbling.

2020 will see more online retailers coming on board to extend our impact further across the world.


We made a difference

Two social outreach campaigns were a huge success in 2019. On International Women’s’ Day in March, we donated profits from all sales made in 24 hours to Breast Cancer Australia.

In November, on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we donated profits from all sales made in 24 hours to Rize Up to help raise awareness and fund programs supporting victims of domestic violence.

In total, we supported two causes very close to our heart and donated over $25,000.


We got married!

Last but by no means least, we said ‘I do’ in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and close friends at Gunners Barracks.

To say it was the most magical day of our lives was an understatement. Starting 2020 as Mr and Mrs Macdougald is a dream come true for us both. We want to personally thank everyone for your well wishes as we start our adventure as husband and wife.

We knew 2019 was going to be a big year, but the number of significant milestones reached was beyond our expectations of what can be achieved in a very fast 12-month period.

Regardless of everything Biologi has achieved in 2019, it’s the volume of testimonials that we receive every day that make the most impact. Hearing how Biologi has cleared up chronic skin conditions, turned back the clock on ageing, and increased confidence is ultimately what will keep us striving for more in 2020.

Thank you to each of our followers, customers and suppliers for your support. We wish you a very Happy Holiday period!

Ross and Lucy Macdougald


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