When you purchase skincare, you put your trust in an often-lengthy supply chain.

Do you know the name of the supplier of the active ingredients in your products?

We’d expect not.

But, could you pick up the phone and ask the retailer where they came from?

Again, probably not.

For an average product formulated with 20- 30 ingredients, to understand what you’re really putting on your skin, you’d need to trace back the manufacturer and supplier of every single ingredient.

With product labelling often hazy at best, to find out where the ingredients come from can be an impossible task for consumers.

And this is one of the many ways Biologi is different.

For every product in our revolutionary single-plant ingredient range, we have direct contact with the supplier of all ingredients. And that’s not as difficult as it sounds because each serum is made up of just ONE plant ingredient.

Taking an extra step towards consumer responsibility, we also bridge the gap between supplier and user and guarantee direct contact with all our customers through email, social media, website chat and phone.

This level of accountability makes Biologi the first skincare product range in the world that’s traceable from plant to bottle. We can tell you exactly where the ingredients in your Biologi bottle come from, and that’s what we intend to do.


Our ingredients

Finger lime

Finger lime is the single- plant ingredient used to make Bf serum. We have a close relationship with a grower in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales near the Biologi warehouse.

This robust relationship with a local supplier enables us to boost the local economy and quite literally pick our finger lime for your Bf serum.


Kakadu plum

Kakadu plum is the single-plant ingredient extract used in Bk serum. Indigenous Australians have been using Kakadu plum as a source of nutrition and as an antiseptic remedy for thousands of years. We source all our Kakadu plum from growers across the Northern Territory and Western Australia and use farms whose product is harvested by those living in Aboriginal communities.  Our wholesale arrangements are only made with legitimate companies to contribute to agriculture across the Arnhem Land.


Davidson plum

Davidson plum is a superior fruit in that it doesn’t lose any of its nutritional content when it’s frozen. We source all our Davidson plum (Bd serum) from a local grower in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Having a local supplier means the fruit can be frozen as soon as it’s picked and transferred to Biologi for extraction and bottling.



Quandong is our newest plant and the extract for the Bqk serum‘s night-time ritual. We worked hard to carefully choose a farmer who was ethical and sustainable in line with all our other farmers. All quandong is supplied from Broken Hill in New South Wales where we have direct contact with the growers and farmers.

While most skincare products have numerous people and processes in the supply chain, at Biologi, we believe less is more.

Where possible, we cut out the intermediaries so we can provide consumers with traceable products while maintaining open and honest relationships with our suppliers.

We hold ourselves wholly accountable to our customers and welcome your feedback, questions and suggestions via email, DM and through online chat.

Biologi was created to help consumers use natural extracts to treat skin in a way that synthetically-based products cannot. An important part of this mission is for consumers to understand what’s in the products they use and where they come from.

To ask us anything about our ingredients, products and processes, contact us today.



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