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“I tried so many things and nothing would work.” How Biologi serum may repair skin when traditional ointments don’t

“I tried so many things and nothing would work.” How Biologi serum may repair skin when traditional ointments don’t

“I tried so many things and nothing would work.” How Biologi serum may repair skin when traditional ointments don’t

“I tried so many things and nothing would work.” How Biologi serum may repair skin when traditional ointments don’t

Imagine having skin so inflamed your hands would dry, crack and blister to the point you could barely pick things up.

Where uncontrollable itching and pain had to be covered with band-aids and ointment just so you could go about your day.

Well, this was the harsh reality for new Biologi user, Rose.

“I’ve had a skin inflammation problem for over two years where my skin would blister and react to anything and everything. In order for me to control the itching and pain, I would use band-aids and so much ointment to cover them every morning”.

Purely coincidentally, Rose had heard good reports about the hydrating and anti-ageing properties of Biologi serums, and in October 2018, she started using Bf and Bk serums on her face.

She would pump the serum onto her fingers, apply to her face as directed, and rub the excess over her hands.

It wasn’t long before Rose noticed the relentless itching in her hands had stopped.

She continued to use Bf serum on her hands, and they began healing.

“They did not itch me, and my skin was repairing itself.”

Within three to four weeks of rubbing Bf serum into her hands, Rose no longer needed to put band-aids or ointment on her skin and her hands have all but repaired.


Why did Rose’s hands heal?

OK, firstly, feedback like this is the reason Biologi exists.

We understand how powerful untouched plant extracts can be when applied in their pure form. Not only do natural extracts hydrate and treat skin exactly as they do in the plant, but they can also change lives.

As Rose can tell you.

Secondly, we want to tell you why Bf serum that Rose applied (purely by accident), repaired a skin condition in just three weeks that she’d battled for at least two years.

The repairing process for Rose occurred over two steps, even though she may not have known it at the time.


Step one:

The first – and probably most important – step was taking off the band-aids and stopping the ointments – the very thing we’re taught to do to reduce inflammation and heal irritated skin.

Ointments such as those used for nappy rash and skin hydration can actually cause further harm to already damaged skin including:

  • Block pores and occlusion which traps in bacteria and disrupts the skins natural hydrating processes
  • Traps known irritants such as fragrance, and synthetic emulsifiers into the skin causing further damage.
  • Band-aids may also stop the pores being able to breathe to remove the toxins.

Rubbing the Bf serum onto her hands meant that the cells started to hydrate naturally from within rather than synthetically hydrating them from the outside.

Step two:

Once the ointments had stopped irritating the skin further, the following potent natural nutrients found in finger lime (the single plant extract used to create Bf serum) then got to work to give Rose her powerful results. Quickly.

Plant-based vitamin C

Due to our revolutionary extraction method, Biologi is the only serum in the world that contains plant-based stable vitamin C in its natural form.  Vitamin C in its natural form (NOT ascorbic acid which is a synthetic derivative made in a lab) holds powerful anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness, offers anti-oxidant protection against further damage, and hydrates skin cells from within.

Tryptophan – alpha amino acid

Regardless of the extreme, when your skin displays signs of sensitisation such as dryness, cracking, irritation or itchiness, it’s because the barrier function of the skin is broken and not doing its job correctly.

You need to repair damaged skin before you can then go onto nourish it.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that repairs the barrier function and reduces the symptoms of sensitised skin.

Ferulic acid – hydroxycinnamic acid

Ferulic acid locks natural moisture into the cutaneous layers of the skin to keep skin hydrated to avoid further damage caused by dehydrated, damaged cells.

All the natural phyto nutrients contained in Bf serum are 100% active. There are no synthetic activating ingredients to make them work.

Zero chemical emulsifiers which cause occlusion and block and irritate skin cells further.

And no water to dilute them or irritating fragrance (yes, even natural essential oils are known skin irritants).

Rose’s results not only highlight the natural power of Biologi serums, but after putting ointments on her skin for two years and getting no results, compared to Biologi results in just three weeks, we have to ask the question; ‘just what are we putting on our skin?’

To discuss your skin concerns with a Biologi expert, please email [email protected] and Lucy or Monique will get back to you with personalised advice.

Disclaimer: If you have an infection, you’ll need antibiotics or a medicated ointment to cure this before you can start to repair the skin.

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