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Vitamin C: Fact or Fiction?

Vitamin C: Fact or Fiction?

Vitamin C: Fact or Fiction?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for good health and as a potent skincare ingredient, provides incredible skin benefits. Vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin increasing suppleness, reducing fine lines, and improving skin elasticity. It provides superior antioxidant protection to neutralise and quench free radical damage and reduces oxidative stress on the skin. Vitamin C is skin brightening, inhibits melanogenesis to reduce hyper-pigmentation (allowing even skin tone), and can help in skin recovery to reduce redness either caused by sensitivity, overexposure to the sun or inflammatory skin disorders.

Vitamin C has always been a hotly debated topic within the skincare industry and whilst the popularity of Vitamin C continues to rise, so have some common misconceptions about Vitamin C in skincare.

Here at Biologi, we understand Vitamin C, and we understand the skin. Keep reading as we bust some of the more common myths surrounding Vitamin C.


MYTH: Plant-based Vitamin C is the same as ascorbic acid


The Bioverse group of companies, of which Biologi is a part of, continue to conduct independent scientific research, confirming what we already know, that plant extracts provide superior results for the skin when compared to synthetic alternatives.


Our specific testing started over a year ago to prove that natural Vitamin C can be distinguished from synthetic Ascorbic Acid. Today, we can confidently claim Vitamin C is not the same as Ascorbic Acid.  Our recent independent scientific findings of our plant extracts conducted through the Centre for Accelerator Science (ANSTO)* has confirmed that Vitamin C in its natural form is held in fruit like Kakadu Plum (C3), whilst Ascorbic Acid is synthetically produced from grasses (C4) – which do not produce Vitamin C.


You read correctly… Natural Vitamin C is not the same as synthetic Ascorbic Acid and it’s time to make the switch from a product that boasts Vitamin C properties but is labeled Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbic Acid!

Switching out your product containing synthetic ingredients (that is completely devoid of any natural nutrients and increases toxic load on the skin) is easy.


MYTH: You don’t need to apply Vitamin C topically

Vitamin C isn’t produced by the body and must be consumed through nutrition or applied topically to the skin to receive any benefits.

Applying Vitamin C daily can increase collagen production, reducing the visible signs of ageing, brightening the skin and speeding up the healing process. This cannot be achieved by the body alone.


MYTH: You can’t apply Vitamin C if you have sensitised skin

Synthetic Vitamin C products may not be suitable for a sensitive skin type. This is because of the harsh formulating ingredients used to produce Ascorbic Acid. Pure, plant-based Vitamin C found in Biologi serums is 100% active and gentle on the skin cells – working exactly as it does in the plant.

There is no need for sensitive skins to avoid active Vitamin C. In fact, when applied with ferulic acid found in finger lime (the single plant ingredient in Bf Face & Body Serum), the nutrients work to repair a damaged barrier function and can reduce the signs of sensitised skin.


MYTH: You don’t need sunscreen when you use Vitamin C

While Vitamin C provides excellent antioxidant protection which works in conjunction with sunscreen to offer full protection from harmful UV rays, it isn’t a complete replacement.

Sunscreen provides a protective barrier against UV and there is no substitute. Daily use of sunscreen is essential.


MYTH: Any skincare brand can provide stable, active, Vitamin C in its most natural form

Biologi is the first, and so far, one of the only brands in the world that can provide consumers with natural Vitamin C.

Our revolutionary, patented CLECS IItm extraction system allows us to provide your skin with a true plant, 100% active Vitamin C that can change your skin on a cellular level. Biologi serums are protected in the PNPLMtm (Phytonutrient protection liquid matrix) whereby no air or water can break them down, allowing for pure delivery to your skin. All without the use of any synthetic activating agents, fragrance, or emulsifiers to work effectively.

As the only company in the world to own this technology, Biologi’s results are faster, more noticeable and longer lasting.


Vitamin C in Biologi serums

Biologi’s Vitamin C, found in the newly rebranded Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum, delivers the entire composition of phyto-actives, nutrients, and minerals to stimulate important skin functions like collagen production. Many brands offer one or two active ingredients as anti-ageing actives designed to help collagen creation and increase anti-ageing benefits.


There is no such thing as collagen in a bottle or powder form. Collagen powder added to a product is just amino acids.

Products containing Ascorbic Acid do not have the ability to create collagen – collagen is a living tissue in the body which is created by 3 amino acids, a vitamin and 2 minerals. Your body needs all six ingredients to create collagen – one or two are simply not enough.


Extracted from Kakadu Plum, the Biologi Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum contains 3 amino acids (Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline) along with Vitamin C and the trace minerals zinc and copper, thus delivering the entire composition of collagen.


The final word on Vitamin C in skincare


With any formulation, it’s far more important to look at the vitamin’s form than its potency or percentage level. A higher percentage of a synthetic Ascorbic Acid formulation doesn’t necessarily equal superior results, as it may oxidise and lose its stability even before it reaches your skin. Remember – it’s also an acid formulated with a lower pH, leading to increased sensitivity and irritation.


Vitamin C delivered to the skin in its natural plant form extracted by CLECS IItm allows for efficacious and effective delivery without any impact to the skin’s barrier, and the Vitamin C in Bk Vitamin Face & Eye Serum, extracted from Kakadu plum ranks among the highest concentration of Vitamin C in the world.


Our Kakadu plum is ethically sourced from indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and is free from all synthetic ingredients. To try the benefits of real Vitamin C, click here to shop today.

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