Plant-based vitamin C is a nutrient consumers believe they’ve had access to in skincare for years.

As an ingredient, natural vitamin treats a range of skin concerns including:

  • Hydration
  • Anti-ageing
  • Skin brightening
  • Reduce sun spots, blemishes and dark circles
  • Antioxidant protection

Unfortunately, before Biologi was available as a retail product in 2017, natural plant-based vitamin C in skincare was a myth.

Yes, even despite the marketing claims on your favourite products.

What consumers have actually been applying to their skin is synthetic vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid.

Synthetic vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid is devoid of all antioxidant capability and is manufactured in a laboratory.

Synthetic vitamin C may also be labelled:

  • Ascorbic acid
  • L-ascorbic acid
  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
  • Ascorbyl palmitate
  • Ascorbic acid polypeptide
  • Ascorbyl glucosamine
  • Ascorbyl glucoside
  • Ester-C
  • Sodium ascorbyl palmitate
  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate

Why doesn’t ascorbic acid work in skincare?

Natural vitamin C is a complete complex. All the elements work synergistically to provide results.

Synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) only replicates ONE of the elements. The body must then find the other elements from nutrients held in your body or it becomes useless. Vitamin C can’t be produced in the body, so it’s impossible to find those elements from a natural source.

Any results achieved from products containing ascorbic acid (or a derivative of), are completely synthetic and are loading the delicate outer layer of skin with synthetic toxins.

In a world first, Biologi serums are currently the only product containing plant-based vitamin C that works on the skin just as it does on the plant.

Here’s why no one else can deliver natural vitamin C like Biologi can.


Revolutionary extraction system

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable. Once the nutrient is extracted, exposure to air or water means it will break down and rot in as little as 30 minutes.

Our revolutionary, patented extraction technology was designed in-house and has so far not been replicated anywhere else in the world.

The technology also allows us to extract the unique cellular matrix that protects and transports the active nutrients delivering potent plant power directly to each cell.

This is why consumers notice such fast and dramatic results when they start using Biologi.



Vitamin C in its natural form is water-soluble. This means that when it comes into contact with water, it dissolves.

If you look at the ingredients label on skincare and see water or aqua listed anywhere, vitamin C simply can’t be natural.

And that’s science!


Double-bonded oxygen molecule

The antioxidising and anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C (the reason it’s so naturally powerful) is all held in the double-bonded oxygen molecule. This is the unstable part that scientists currently remove to create the stable, synthetic version that’s in all skincare apart from Biologi.

Because we know how to stop vitamin C rotting, we can keep the molecule that provides all the goodness to give you a product that works on the skin just as it does in the plant.


Fully active

An active ingredient is one that changes the skin on a cellular level. Active vitamin C doesn’t require synthetic activating agents, fragrance or emulsifiers to work effectively.

We’ve designed and developed our own technology, bottling system and manufacturing processes to become the first retail company in the world to provide consumers with active, stable vitamin C.

We oversee all our processes from picking the fruit to specialised packaging and distribution – every step of which keeps your vitamin C stable and active.

No one else in the world can give you vitamin C in skincare like Biologi. Click here to shop our full range of single-plant ingredient skincare today


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