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What Is A Skin Purge And Do I Need One?

What Is A Skin Purge And Do I Need One?

What Is A Skin Purge And Do I Need One?

A skin purge is the ultimate double-edged sword in skin concerns.

While you’ve chosen a product for the array of benefits promised by the manufacturer, instead you may experience blemishes, breakouts and a complexion that looks nothing like the picture-perfect skin you were expecting.

While breaking out in pimples is exactly what consumers are trying to avoid, try to trust us when we say that a skin purge is one of the best things that can happen to your cells!


What is a skin purge?

When you first expose skin cells to active ingredients, cellular turnover speeds up.

Each cell initially responds by expelling unwelcome toxins and synthetics through the skin. This toxic waste can include excess sebum, dry skin and synthetics used in everyday products – the perfect recipe for pimples and breakouts.

While clear skin is the end result, common signs of a short-term skin purge can include:

  • Break outs
  • Oily skin
  • Sticky texture on the skin

There’s no one size fits all for skin purging as Biologi’s dermal therapist, Lucy Macdougald explains; “Skin purging is different for everyone. Some may experience pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, others may get cysts, and some just have an oily skin type for a while.”


What to do when skin purges

OK, we understand your frustration! You’re excited to see the results of your newest product only to find your skin is worse than before you started.

Take heart, purging is a temporary process that will clear up within a maximum of four weeks. In the meantime, here are Lucy’s recommendations on how to make purging more bearable while the toxins leave the skin.


  • Reduce the use of synthetics

Cut out as many synthetic products from your skincare routine as possible. This includes foundations (particularly those with silicones as an ingredient), face masks, harsh scrubs and moisturisers.

We recommend stripping your routine back to just a face halo and gentle cleanser (and sunscreen in the morning) and use active products free from hidden toxins such as Biologi serum.


  • Be patient

It can be tempting to stop using the active product, but this will prolong the process of expelling the toxins from the cells. Skin purging is a temporary concern and will clear up by itself anywhere between a couple of days and four weeks. Leave your skin to work through its natural process. In this instance, patience really will be your skincare virtue.


  • Don’t squeeze pimples

It can be extremely tempting to squeeze pimples, but this will lead to more redness and irritation and can damage healthy skin cells in the process. Pimples and redness are far from ideal but trust this is an important step in the journey to clear, healthy skin.


How to avoid skin purging

The million-dollar question!

While some people may not experience a skin purge at all when they start using active products, the best way to avoid a skin purge is to introduce active ingredients gradually to minimise the chance of overloading the toxins.

While skin purging doesn’t sound like something you’re trying to achieve, in some cases it only lasts a matter of days and the end result is clearer, brighter, hydrated skin which is absolutely worth it.

Does your skin need purging? It’s a resounding YES from us!

Skin purging is caused by the removal of debris and toxins being removed from the cells, and who doesn’t want clearer, brighter, healthier cells?

If your skin is still purging after four weeks of using a product for the first time, contact our customer service team who can discuss your skincare routine and make further recommendations.


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