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Why a serum cleanser is essential in every skincare routine!

Why a serum cleanser is essential in every skincare routine!

Why a serum cleanser is essential in every skincare routine!

Why a serum cleanser is essential in every skincare routine!

If you’ve got your finger on the skincare pulse, you’ll be no stranger to the rising new skincare star…the serum cleanser.

For those who aren’t yet aware of the latest product in the clean cosmeceutical’s category, or if you want to know more about the up-and-coming products, we’ve created this essential guide just for you!

The serum cleanser is just as effective at cleansing the skin as traditional cleansers but with a whole host of added benefits that we can’t stop talking about!

Just like your usual cleanser, you’ll apply to the skin and wash off the residue, but unlike traditional cleansing products, the key benefit is that a serum cleanser is combined with fully active ingredients which penetrate deeper into the pores and continue treating the skin long after it’s been washed away.

How are serum cleansers different?


The first difference you’ll notice about the serum cleanser is that the consistency is quite different to that of traditional cleansers.

Typically, serum cleansers are thinner and don’t create foam like the usual cleansers. The texture may be runnier, but this is because they are free from surfactants instead on the active ingredients to do the hard work.

There’s no foam

Consumers are used to cleansers that foam but a serum cleanser stays the same consistency when applied to the skin. While we’ve all been led to believe that it is the cleanliness of the skin that causes the post-cleanse tightness, we can categorically confirm that any tightness is NOT a good thing. What tightness actually means is that the skin’s natural oils have been stripped from the surface leaving skin dehydrated and prone to sensitivity.

Serum cleansers are foam-free and leave the natural oils intact so they can work in conjunction with the cleanser to rehydrate while cleaning the skin’s surface.

Results are more noticeable and longer lasting

When you wash off a traditional cleanser, the hard work disappears down the plughole and ends there. Serum cleansers continue to nourish and protect the cells between cleanses to give longer lasting results.

They don’t cause sensitivity

Traditional cleansers formulated with harsh surfactants can cause sensitised skin as they strip the natural oils and are likely to contain more alcohol-based, drying ingredients. Serum cleansers are completely free from common skin irritants, so they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

How to use a serum cleanser

A serum cleanser gently works to remove makeup and dirt and prepare the skin’s surface to receive the active ingredients found in nourishing serums. As they are free from synthetic ingredients, we recommend you use a microfibre cloth to remove makeup to avoid placing any irritants onto the skin’s surface.

Firstly, remove makeup with the wet microfibre cloth. Next, massage the serum cleanser gently into the skin and remove any residue with the other side of the microfibre cloth.

Because the serum cleanser is more gentle, it can be used morning and night or as often as required without irritating the skin.

Bc Refresh Cleanser

Biologi’s Bc Refresh Cleanser is a serum cleanser that harnesses the phytonutrients found in extract of soapberry.

Containing a potent combination of naturally occurring amino acids, phenolic acids and amines, the serum cleanser builds up antioxidant protection while hydrating and nourishing cells from within without relying on irritating synthetic ingredients or foaming agents and without drying out the skin.

Containing fully active ingredients, Bc Refresh Cleanser relies on the power of phytonutrients that work in synergy to deliver never before seen results on the skin.

To shop Bc Refresh Cleanser, visit our shop today.

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