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A baby shower is a happy occasion filled with laughter, joy, excitement and – perhaps most significantly – gifts!

Traditionally, a baby shower was thrown to equip a first-time mum with everything she needs for a new baby. Nappies, baby grows, and nursery staples are popular gift ideas that make life easier for a new mum as she prepares to welcome her bundle of joy.

When choosing a baby shower gift, it can be hard to find a happy medium between practicality and spoiling the mum-to-be and letting her know how much you care.

But we’ve got the perfect solution!

Bf serum is a luxury skincare serum extracted from Australian native finger lime. Free from synthetic ingredients, Bf serum treats a broad range of skin conditions for both mum and baby while making mum feel amazing in the process.

Here’s why a bottle of Bf serum should be in every nappy bag and is the perfect gift for a baby shower.


It hydrates newborn skin safely

As a new mum, it can be daunting to know which products to use on newborn skin. Bf serum is free from all harsh ingredients and chemicals removing the risk of irritation, sensitivity and blocked pores.

Skin conditions such as cradle cap are common post-birth as the baby’s skin cells adjust to their new environment.  While for most, dry skin is a temporary concern, it can last for up to two years leading to itching and discomfort.

Bf serum is a natural source of ferulic acid which dissolves the cellular glue that causes the appearance of dry skin. As it’s a serum rather than a moisturiser, it penetrates deeper into the pores hydrating from the inside out avoiding exposure to ingredients that can block pores and cause sensitivity.


It relieves the discomfort of nappy rash

While barrier creams are often applied to help keep toxins away from the skin, these can actually cause occlusion and prevent chemicals from getting out of the pores disrupting the skin’s natural hydrating processes.

Tryptophan is an alpha-amino acid that builds protein hydrolysate moisture into the skin to hydrate while providing air for it to breathe. This reduces the potential for irritation caused by harsh chemicals being trapped in the skin.


Mum can use it too

There’s no doubt that a mum’s skin gets pushed to its limits during pregnancy and immediately post-birth. Excessive fluctuations in weight can lead to stretch marks, cellulite and loss of hydration.

As the use of many products may be advised against in pregnancy due to their potentially harmful nature of the ingredients (which should raise alarm bells for everyone, not just pregnant women), a new mum can be left with limited choices.

Bf serum is completely safe to use all throughout pregnancy and after birth. The natural vitamin C increases the suppleness of the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves elasticity.

Bf is also an effective alternative to anti-ageing products that contain harsh retinol ingredients derived from vitamin A and are advised against for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


It’s safe to use while breastfeeding

Not only can the residue of many moisturising products taste nasty for a feeding baby (no matter how nice they smell), the toxins may also enter the system and pose a health risk to the newborn.

Biologi is so pure you can drink it, so mum’s skin stays hydrated without impacting the breastfeeding experience for baby.

Bf serum is safe to use every day and can treat the full range of mother and baby skin conditions.

Biologi’s world-first extraction method means we’re the first manufacturer in the world to produce finger lime as an extract without the need for synthetic agents to activate the natural ingredients so it doesn’t harm the baby.

Bf serum is jam-packed full of powerful phytonutrients that work to provide a 100% active, completely natural product that belongs in every nappy bag.

Click here to shop Bf serum and give the mum-to-be in your life the essential baby shower gift.


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