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Last month, Biologi celebrated its second birthday as a retail brand.

Founded in northern New South Wales in 2017, in just two years the revolutionary range of single-plant ingredient products is taking the skincare industry by storm.

Not only has the Biologi range expanded from three signature products to five, but hundreds of thousands of consumers have also been given access to products that work on the skin just as they do in the plant.

Biologi was founded by Ross Macdougald, a formulating chemist with over 25 years’ experience creating skincare products for some of the most well-known brands in the world.

For someone with so much experience in traditional skincare, it might seem counter-intuitive to build a skincare brand that challenges everything consumers know about the products they use.

Here are the main reason Biologi exists, from founder, Ross Macdougald.


To prove that natural extracts work just as well as synthetics in skincare

This is the primary reason that Biologi is on your bathroom shelf today.

Throughout his career, Ross grew increasingly frustrated at the way natural extracts were watered down, laced with synthetics and chemically altered so much that by the time they made it to the consumer, they barely resembled the natural extract at all.

Ross set out on a mission to provide consumers with a product that respects the integrity of natural extracts while proving that the skin needs NOTHING else apart from the power of untouched, natural phytoactives.


To educate consumers on what they put on their skin

With a lengthy career formulating skincare products, Ross understands exactly what goes into traditional skincare and the damage it can cause the skin.

Sensitisation, inflammation and chronic skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis are often caused by the very products marketed to save our skin.

And these are the secrets that keep the multi-billion dollar a year supposedly natural skincare industry afloat. Biologi was created to educate consumers on where the ingredients come from, the impact they can have on the skin and to help them make informed choices about the products used.

Biologi will never name products known to harm skin, but we do talk a lot about ingredients. If consumers have foundational knowledge, then they can make their own choices, and that’s all we ask.

There are a lot of myths that circulate the industry and Biologi exists to bust them, to cut through the marketing hype and to give consumers real knowledge about what they’re putting on their skin.


To give consumers skincare that works

Healthy, glowing skin increases confidence and makes a person feel a million dollars. Because Biologi serums are single-plant ingredient extracts that contain all the nutrients a skin needs, Biologi is giving consumers results they’ve never had before.

The full range of Biologi serums is multiuse with each extract carefully chosen because of its benefits to the skin. Whether you’re living with acne, sensitised skin, dry skin or more serious conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, the actives in Biologi get to work to heal, repair and nourish cells just as they do in the plant.


To repair damaged skin barriers

Biologi repairs the delicate skin barrier that has received years of exposure to harmful pollutants, free radicals and synthetics found in everyday skincare products.

Often, the very products marketed towards sensitive skin are causing more damage. The real objective should be to repair the barrier function naturally and reduce the risk of more serious skin conditions.

A weak barrier function causes sensitised skin and increases the risk of long-term chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Each serum in the Biologi range is a powerhouse of active ingredients which protect and repair the skin’s barrier function exactly as they do in their botanical source.

Some of Biologi’s natural extracts include:

  • Tryptophan: Alpha-amino acid (Bf serum)
  • Vitamin C: Carbohydrate (Bk and Bf serum)
  • Tartaric acid: Fruit acid (Bd serum)
  • Quercetin: Flavanol (Bd serum)
  • Ferulic acid: Hydroxycinnamic acid (Bf serum)

To provide consumers with the FIRST natural vitamin C product in the world

Before Biologi, natural vitamin C in skincare was a myth.

Vitamin C is touted for its anti-ageing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant potential however if vitamin C is labelled as ‘ascorbic acid’ or any other derivative, it’s NOT vitamin C and results are purely synthetic.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that’s notoriously unstable. The double-bonded oxygen molecule – where all the antioxidant properties lie – is the part that causes vitamin C to rot once it’s extracted.

For this reason, scientists have been disposing of this part and replacing it with synthetics to form ascorbic acid. Essentially, scientists are throwing away the good stuff and marketing vitamin C without letting consumers know it’s purely created in a lab.

Biologi’s extraction system means we’re the first brand in the world to extract the double-bonded oxygen molecule, keep it stable and provide consumers with NATURAL vitamin C.


To shine a light on greenwashing in the skincare industry

Greenwashing is a marketing tactic where brands depict that their products are environmentally friendly or organic to appeal to consumers consciences, when the reality may not be the case at all.

Think big green plants on marketing campaigns, phrases like ‘naturally derived’ and a range of strategies to give the consumer the idea they’re using ethical, sustainable skincare when in fact, they’re not.

We educate consumers to question what they’re told, to learn what’s in their ingredients and to not be fooled by marketing messages that the industry has been using for years.

Biologi is a skincare brand deeply rooted in making a difference for consumers. As we enter our third year as a retail brand, that will always be the reason we exist.

A world-first skincare product that provides consumers with results they’ve never seen before, well that comes a close second.

To find out more about Biologi and our products, contact us today.


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