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Why Kakadu plum is all the rage in skincare

Why Kakadu plum is all the rage in skincare

Why Kakadu plum is all the rage in skincare

Kakadu plum is a native Australian fruit, traditionally used for its healing properties by indigenous people.

While Kakadu plum is a nutritious addition to any modern-day recipe, over recent years, the incredible cellular benefits of this small fruit have led to an increase in popularity of its use as an active ingredient in skincare products.

And we couldn’t be more on board!

Kakadu plum is the single-plant ingredient extract chosen for Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum and our morning Bqk Radiance serum. Read on to find out why we love Kakadu plum in skincare, and why you should too!

Can help to reduce the signs of ageing

Kakadu plum is a potent source of natural vitamin C, one of the most essential nutrients to aid in reducing the visible signs of ageing.

While the first fruit that comes to mind when you think of vitamin C is generally an orange, it is actually the Kakadu plum that has the highest recorded amount of Vitamin C of any plant or fruit – containing up to 100 times more vitamin C than the well-known citrus fruit!

Natural vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin to increase suppleness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin under the eyes to reduce dark circles and improve skin elasticity – contributing to a more youthful glow.

Provides antioxidant protection against toxins

The primary function of the skin’s outer barrier is to lock in natural moisture and keep environmental toxins out.

Kakadu plum contains the natural nutrient gallic acid, which is a phenolic acid that works as an antioxidant to protect against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental toxins.

Free radicals are unstable unpaired molecules that attack cells causing dehydration, inflammation and can accelerate the signs of ageing. Antioxidants are vital to reduce the environmental damage because they quench or donate electrons to make them stable.

Also naturally occurring in Kakadu plum is ellagic acid, a polyphenol that enhances antioxidant potential to strengthen the skin, build up the protective barrier and encourage cellular health, leaving the complexion to reap the rewards.

While berries are typically associated with strengthening capacity, Kakadu plum contains five times more antioxidant potential than a blueberry, making it the ideal ingredient to strengthen the skin, reduce oxidative stress and defend against the visible signs of free radical damage.

Reduces the effects of sunburn

Let’s get one thing straight – sunburn is never OK! But we understand that it does happen and when it does, Kakadu plum can be your skin’s best friend.

Kakadu plum has evolved to survive the unforgiving outback environment so it’s developed a natural resistance to the harsh effects of the sun that can be passed on to your skin.

Plant-based vitamin C also keeps skin brighter and acts as a co-factor for collagen synthesis to help with ongoing skin immunity.

Healing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Plant-based vitamin C can help reduce redness and help skin to heal from damage caused by sensitivity, overexposure to the sun or irritation.

Gallic acid and ellagic acid both contain antibacterial properties that calm irritated skin while strengthening the outer barrier, making Kakadu plum an ideal ingredient in the treatment of acne or inflammatory skin disorders.

Vitamin C helps protect the immune system cells against free radical attacks that may be generated in an inflammatory skin response and assists in wound healing to help to minimise scar formation. Specific trigger factors can cause an overproduction of melanin in the skin but vitamin C and gallic acid work together to inhibit and target this pathway to help reduce hyperpigmentation allowing for an even and brighter skin tone.

The benefits of essential phytonutrients and minerals

Many brands offer one or two active ingredients for their anti-ageing potential mostly designed to help collagen creation, decrease lines and wrinkles and promote more youthful skin. One of the most common actives usually used is vitamin C.

Unfortunately, vitamin C in retail products is a synthetic derivative known as ascorbic acid meaning it doesn’t contain any of the natural properties needed to create collagen. Collagen is a living tissue in the body that is created by three amino acids, a vitamin and two minerals creating a helix structure that is flexible and stretchy. You need all six ingredients to create collagen, not one or two. Kakadu plum fruit extract also contains the three amino acids, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline along with vitamin C and the trace minerals zinc and copper thus delivering the entire composition of collagen.

Kakadu plum on your skin – the science

There’s no doubt whatsoever that Kakadu plum is a potent source of natural nutrients that work in synergy as a ‘wonder serum’ for your skin. It’s important to note that for it to be effective just the way nature intended, the extract must be pure and fully active.

When using products containing ‘naturally-derived’ Kakadu plum, the active ingredients (those scientifically proven to alter the skin at a cellular level) can be diluted with synthetics to make any benefits to the skin purely chemical-based.

When choosing Kakadu plum in skincare, to harness all the natural benefits, always choose a pure serum that’s 100% active to repair, protect and nourish cells naturally.


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