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Why the skin needs phyto actives…and it’s not just for antioxidant protection!

Why the skin needs phyto actives…and it’s not just for antioxidant protection!

Why the skin needs phyto actives…and it’s not just for antioxidant protection!

Biologi is a skincare brand that gets results. But the results our customers experience don’t come from complex formulations or artificial synthetics. No, our results come from the holy grail of skincare…phyto actives.

Phyto actives are the nutrients contained within the plant extracts.

These nutrients are delivered to each skin cell by a unique cellular matrix that protects the actives just as it does in the plant.

While phyto actives are well known for providing antioxidant protection, there’s a whole host of restorative and regenerative benefits to the skin which are often overlooked.

If you’re wondering exactly WHY your skin needs phyto actives, then read on to find out why active products should form part of your skincare essentials.

Helps skin repair itself

Skin cells bear the full brunt of both internal and external stressors which can damage cells. Not only is damage caused by free radicals, environmental pollution and toxins inevitable, but so are cuts, scrapes and sunburn. With the help of phyto actives, the skin can repair itself and heal faster without the need for harsh healing formulations which can potentially damage healthy cells.

Phyto actives to look for: Anthocyanin, vitamin C, gallic acid. 

Promotes faster cellular turnover

From the time the cell is formed, it journeys through an approximate 28-day lifecycle to maturity before dying and shedding. While youthful cells lead to a glowing complexion, cellular turnover must happen naturally so that cells are strong enough to withstand environmental stressors. Faster cellular turnover means that the younger cells reach the surface sooner leading to a balanced, luminous complexion.

Cellular turnover is an essential process for healthy skin as it also helps remove the build-up of dead skin cells which can cause a dull complexion.

Phyto actives to look for: Vitamin A.

Age-defying properties

As you grow older, collagen and elastin production – the proteins responsible for keeping skin tight and supple – slows down. This means that fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent and skin can sag and lose elasticity.  While phyto actives can’t replace collagen, they can promote neocollagenesis which is the process that stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Phyto actives to look for: Vitamin C, anthoyanin.

Reduces pigmentation

Actives can inhibit melanogenesis which is the process that leads to coloured pigmentation. By inhibiting this process, the visibility of sunspots and dark circles under the eyes are reduced and the skin appears brighter.

Phyto actives to look for: Vitamin C, gallic acid, ellagic acid, tartaric acid.

Improves inflammatory skin disorders

While treating the cause rather than the effects of skin disorders is crucial, phyto actives can help reduce skin redness to reduce the appearance of inflammation. Phytoactives won’t cure conditions such as acne, but they can help to reduce the severity of breakouts by reducing redness, sores and inflammation

Phyto actives to look for: Quercetin, gallic acid, vitamin C.

Plants contain thousands of phyto actives that keep them alive and help defend against environmental threats. Because the cellular structure of the skin mimics that of plant cells, each Biologi extract has been carefully chosen based on its phyto actives and the unique benefits to the skin. Our products are all undiluted so they deliver 100% activity directly to the skin cells.

Choose from the following extracts:

To shop 100% active skincare that works on the skin just as it does in the plant, visit our shop today.

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