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Why your skin knows that ‘fresh is best!’

Why your skin knows that ‘fresh is best!’

Why your skin knows that ‘fresh is best!’

Biologi is one of the freshest skincare brands on the market.

With thanks to our revolutionary extraction system designed and developed in-house, our range of fully active products delivers unheard of results from plant extracts alone. The whole Biologi range is free from synthetic emulsifiers, fragrance and even water.

Our fresh extracts:

Because we oversee the whole production process from selecting the fruit to extraction, manufacturer and supply, we know with certainty that every drop in your Biologi bottle is fully active and as fresh as it is in the plant itself. And your results tell us your skin is reaping the rewards from fresh skincare!

Why fresh is best in skincare:

Reduces sensitivity

The skins outer barrier is designed to keep natural moisture locked in and prevent toxins from getting into the skin’s deeper layers. When cells are compromised, they no longer work to serve their purpose and can become cracked and sensitive.

Eliminating harsh synthetics from products means there’s no danger of toxins becoming trapped in the skin and damaging delicate cells. Further, the powerful phytonutrients in Biologi serums work in synergy to repair cells and potentially heal sensitised skin types.

Reduces allergies

According to Women’s Voices, “Fragrance is noted as one of the most frequently identified substances causing allergic reactions.”

‘Fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ labelled as an ingredient on a bottle can potentially contain a myriad of poisonous, carcinogenic chemicals including parabens and phthalates. With prolonged use, fragrance can potentially harm delicate skin cells causing irritation and sensitivity. Perhaps more significantly, ingredients used to create synthetic fragrance can also lead to chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

There is zero benefit to the skin from adding fragrance to a product. Fragrance is only added to a product to make it smell nice and cover up the smell of formulating ingredients. When you choose skincare as fresh as Biologi, the only aroma comes from nature which means there’s no danger of irritation caused by harsh fragrance.

More potent actives

Biologi products are undiluted with water making every drop as potent as it is in the plant.  Because the extracts are pure, the actives are more potent than in ‘naturally derived’ products meaning every drop of serum penetrates deeper leading to faster and longer lasting results.

Stable ingredients

Biologi serums are extracted in their unique cellular matrix. This protective serum keeps nutrients stable, so they work on the cells just as they do in the plant. While this reduces the shelf life of products to approximately six months opened (two years unopened), it means that every drop of fresh serum performs on the skin exactly as it does in the plant.

More efficient

The extracts for each Biologi product have been chosen for their unique benefits to the skin. Targeting dehydration, anti-ageing, pigmentation and dull complexion among many problem areas, the extracts work efficiently to deliver results.

Biologi is as fresh as skincare can get. Free from harsh formulating ingredients, the extracts all work on the skin exactly as they do in the plant and your results tell us they deliver unheard of results!

To treat your skin to all the benefits of fresh skincare, click HERE to shop Biologi today!

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