If you live in Australia, you can’t fail to have noticed the recent temperature drop.

As autumn turns into winter, long sunny days are starting later, feeling colder, and your skin may already be noticing that the summer is nothing more than a distant memory.

While wrapping up in layers can keep your body warm, the drop in humidity directly impacts your skin cells. Normally dewy and hydrated skin may now be flaky, dry and dull.

If your skin is feeling the effects of winter, here are eight natural ways to save your skin and leave it feeling like it’s still summer!


1) Avoid hot showers

While it can be the most tempting thing in the world to crank up the heat on your daily shower, your skin cells are screaming at you to lower the temperature.

Hot water depletes the skin of natural oils interrupting the natural hydrating processes. Combined with the lack of humidity in the air, the drop in moisture in cells can increase dryness, flaky skin and cause flare-ups of skin conditions such as eczema.

Keep showers and baths as cool and fast as possible in winter to give your skin the helping hand it needs.


2) Exfoliate regularly

As you start to notice dry skin, use a light scrub every two to three days to buff away dead skin cells and keep pores clear leading to a brighter complexion.

Avoid over-exfoliating and choose products carefully. Too much exfoliation with harsh scrubs can cause sensitivity and irritation, which can react to the cold weather.


3) Don’t forget the sunscreen

While it can seem ridiculous that you might need sunscreen during the colder months, you need it every day, especially in Australia.

Even the greyest of days can turn bright, and you must always protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Even if it’s not hot, the sun can still penetrate cells causing dehydration and premature ageing.

If you intend to go outside, wear sunscreen under makeup every day, whatever the weather.


4) Swap moisturiser for an active serum

During the colder months, marketers increase their promotions targeting the consumer with dry skin products.

Instead of increasing the intensity of your moisturiser, consider swapping creams and lotions for an active serum instead.

Moisturisers contain synthetic ingredients that hydrate from the outside in which interrupts natural hydrating processes. The more moisturiser you use, the more your skin relies on it and the more you need to stay hydrated.

An active serum such as Biologi’s Bd serum is rich in anthocyanin to hydrate the skin and give it a glowing, luminous effect. Our single-plant ingredient is extract of Davidson plum that works with your skin’s natural hydrating processes rather than against them to create more natural moisture.


5) Carry Bf mini in your handbag

Travel size Bf serum is the perfect winter handbag accessory.

Single extract of Australian finger lime, Bf serum is rich in natural ferulic acid to hydrate on-the-go. With no hidden synthetics, Bf serum is safe to use as a lip balm, under the delicate nose area, as a hand serum and to combat dry patches when you’re out and about.

If you’re prone to eczema flare-ups or dry patches in the cooler temperatures, Bf serum will help repair barrier function and give an immediate burst of hydration, wherever you are.


6) Get more sleep

Lack of sleep isn’t just something you feel; it also leaves visible signs in your skin.

While you sleep, cellular repair takes place so late nights and disturbed slumber will leave you with dark circles, dull skin and with skin cells looking as tired as you feel.

A good night’s sleep will improve the appearance of winter skin quickly and naturally. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep a night to enhance your natural glow.


7) Don’t forget antioxidant protection

Sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s UV rays, but it offers zero protection from free radical damage caused by pollutants in the environment.

This damage can leave skin dry and dull and cause damage to the sensitive barrier function leading to discomfort and cracked skin, which often gets worse during wind and cold air.

Use daily antioxidant protection such as Bd serum to promote the skin’s natural defence system that destroys the chain reaction of free radicals before they attack the skin cells.


8) Drink plenty of water

It can be harder to reach your H20 quota during the winter months, but water intake is still vital for healthy skin.

Skin cells need adequate hydration to function efficiently. Lack of moisture can lead to cells that are dull, dry and can damage the natural barrier function leading to red and inflamed sensitised skin.

Drink at least two to three litres of water a day to make sure your skin is adequately hydrated, just like all your other organs.

Biologi serums are a winter skin’s best friend!

Free from harsh ingredients that strip skin of natural moisture, all Biologi serums are 100% active, which means the ingredients work on a cellular level to produce immediate and long-term results.

Save your skin this winter, click here to shop Biologi.

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