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Your Skincare Toolkit The Truth About The Most Common Skincare Accessories

Your Skincare Toolkit The Truth About The Most Common Skincare Accessories

Your Skincare Toolkit The Truth About The Most Common Skincare Accessories

With our extensive experience delivering skincare that works, we’re all too familiar with accessories and tools designed to improve the appearance of skin.

From electronic devices to natural facemasks, an array of tools line the shelves each one designed to make life easier for consumers and enhance the skincare experience.

Unfortunately, much as marketing messages may tell us otherwise, many of these go-to tools are little more than gimmicks that don’t always live up to the hype.

With our primary goal to deliver education to help consumers make up their own minds about what’s in their bathroom cabinet, here’s our lowdown on some weird and wonderful skincare products and accessories.


Charcoal masks

A charcoal mask is a sheet of gel infused with charcoal designed to remove impurities and toxins from the skin cells. As a bonus, you also get to relax for 15 minutes while the natural nutrients penetrate the pores and work their magic.

Do charcoal masks work?

While the concept of using charcoal to draw out impurities may have some merit, the formulation of the masks themselves is a big NO from us.

Firstly, those masks can’t be removed easily and pulling and prodding at the skin can damage perfectly healthy cells. Secondly, the masks stick to the skin with one key ingredient – acrylates.

Acrylates are key to binding the masks to the skin but are also found in popular household products such as hairspray and nail polish. While the masks may theoretically draw out impurities, the harsh formulating ingredients penetrate the cells leaving the whole process counterproductive. The likelihood is that these masks will cause sensitivity and lead to more problems than they solve, so use with caution.


Gold masks

Gold masks are available in sheets to cover the whole face or in the form of under-eye or lip gel patches to target problem areas. Natural gold contains anti-bacterial properties so using it on the face is thought to balance complexion and stimulate collagen production to reduce the visible signs of ageing.

Do gold masks work?

Gold is a mineral which means it’s neither water-soluble or oil-soluble and can therefore not be absorbed by the skin. If the gold mask does what it says on its often-luxurious packaging, this is purely the result of the synthetics and chemicals rather than the gold itself.


Boob and butt masks

Boob and butt masks are relatively new concepts similar in design to face masks but shaped just like the boobs and butt. Marketers have paid attention to consumers’ traditional problem areas and created a product that supposedly hydrates, reduces wrinkles and for want of a better word – uplifts those who use them.

Do boob and butt masks work?

While we understand why consumers are flocking to a miracle product that will defy the signs of gravity, the reality is that there isn’t a product in the world that can naturally lift skin cells. Instead of using synthetics to treat problem areas, we recommend you hydrate and reduce the signs of ageing using active plant nutrients. To get the uplift you’re looking for, there are really no better solution than working out and supportive underwear.


Gua Sha

A Gua Sha tool is used to provide a natural, at-home facial experience.

Promising results on a par with natural Botox, regular Gua Sha lifts and contours the face while allowing serums and oils to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers.

Do Gua Sha tools work?

Absolutely! Using a Gua Sha tool made from rose quartz increases the flow of nutrients to the skin which can brighten the complexion, reduce inflammation, reduce puffiness and improve elasticity.

The process also relieves tension in facial muscles for an overall relaxing treatment. Always use a Gua Sha with oil to avoid irritation and for the best results.


Konjac sponge

A Konjac sponge is a purely natural, plant-based accessory created from the root of the Konjac plant. With a naturally exfoliating texture, the handy sponges are designed to remove the build-up of dirt and oil, cleanse pores and stimulate blood flow to brighten the complexion.

Do Konjac sponges work?

We wouldn’t be without our Konjac sponge! Hang one in the shower for daily use and infuse with your favourite cleanser for a deeper cleanse.


Facial roller

A facial roller traditionally made from jade or rose quartz stone is a small, hand-held tool that glides across the face to support lymphatic drainage,  reduce dark circles and defy the signs of ageing.

Do facial rollers work?

We LOVE facial rollers! Not only does facial rolling open pores to help serums and active ingredients penetrate deeper, but they also improve circulation and are a relaxing treatment that helps remove the stresses from the day.


Electronic cleansing brush

A cleansing brush is an electronic hand-held device designed to aid exfoliation, promote healthy circulation, reduce enlarged pores and massage the face.

You can use with your choice of cleanser (choose yours here – link to cleanser article) to remove grime and makeup, stimulate skin cells and leave skin smooth, bright and hydrated from the motion of the soft bristles.

Do electronic cleansing brushes work?

Technically, yes, but electronic cleansers should be used with caution. While they can open up the pores to give a really deep cleanse, overuse can damage healthy cells and irritate sensitised skin. There’s no harm adding a cleanser brush into your skincare toolkit, but we don’t recommend using every day.

These are just some of the many skincare tools and accessories that line the shelves and we’ve no doubt they won’t be the last of them.

When you use fully active products like Biologi serum, the skin has everything it needs to function optimally but there’s no doubt that some tools can aid absorption to help improve results.

To ask about specific skincare tools and accessories, contact a member of our customer service team today.

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